And if the Bitcoin dropping to zero ?

One of the largest asset managers in the world believes it is quite possible that the price of Bitcoin is equal to zero in the next few months. He showed that this was not a monster but is indeed a possibility.

A fall inevitable ?

Joe Davis is an economist known internationally for its relevant studies. He is responsible for the management of assets in Vanguard, and this specialist spoke about crypto-currencies on Monday, in an editorial published on the website ETF. He expressed a deep concern about the future of Bitcoin : “I am excited by the technology BlockChain technology makes Bitcoin possible. Indeed, Vanguard already uses a technology of this type. And as for Bitcoin the currency ? I see a probability decent as its price falls to zero. “

Pixabay The Digital Artist / The Bitcoin may, according to the economist falling back to zero quickly.

According to him, Bitcoin is not a currency, because it is not a store of value. It is the speculation which is at the origin of its price, and it may be that this cost falls to zero much more quickly than we think : “The arguments in favour of investment in digital assets are low. Unlike stocks and bonds, currencies do not generate cash flows such as the payment of interest or dividends that can justify their price. “

A warning

Joe Davis has taken to warn investors, reminding them that the competition was getting more and more intense. There are more and more virtual currencies, and they can quickly become obsolete. Like many analysts before him, he spoke of the tulip mania that occurred in the Seventeenth century in the netherlands. That is to say that, according to him, the crypto-currency can achieve incredible values before collapsing completely : “And, unlike tulips, these assets cannot be placed in a vase to decorate. “

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / According to him, the value of the Bitcoin is difficult to establish.

Its about to the Bitcoin are therefore particularly critical, and he does not see a bright future for the world’s most famous crypto-currency… To follow.

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  • Heatnel

    if he believes that governments will lose their investment, it is that he still believes in santa claus this man.

    edit : you Have to enquire about the investment and not speculation, in short, we will have a nice cut off the ears of an ass there will not be a race horse

  • John Dee

    Yes, the Bitcoin is based on nothing other than the confidence of those who use it… such As the Dollar and the Euro. But unlike the latter, you can’t create Bitcoin, or create the debt. I’ll bet gladly my bitcoins that the bitcoin will outlast the Dollar and the Euro as we know it…

    • Guess

      It is still necessary to keep in mind is that the Euros and the Dollars, they are short is guaranteed by a certain amount of gold as opposed to Bitcoin where the price is based only on trust.

      • John Dee

        Since the end of Bretton-Woods in 1971…. Our currencies have no relation with gold. Even if central banks possess. On the other hand, many experts agree that the ruble and the yuan could soon be convertible into gold and the dollar. This could lead to the end of the us dollar and the euro. There will certainly be a war before that happens… In any case, the bitcoin might take off in this case, as the price of gold…

        • himling

          I really don’t see how the convertibility of the Yuan (the ruble is too high) can lead to the end of the euro. Not more than one dollar. The dollar would always be the currency of the usa when the euro is one of several countries in Europe. I see very evil countries like saudi Arabia (for example) switch from the Dollar to the Yuan. Certainly, the disproportionate influence of the US Dollar could suffer in the convertibility to gold of some currencies (especially the Yuan), but this would likely be limited. Finally, in case of collapse and the risk of capital flight, it is likely that the use of cryptos currencies would be quickly banned.

          • John Dee

            Saudi Arabia is certainly a great producer, but far from the only one. If new currencies challenge the hegemony of the dollar for the purchase of materials, called fossils, it can jeopardize our currencies. Iran, Venezuela, and many others would not be prevented from trading. And would compete very hard with other countries, which today are leaders in the field… This would explain among other things the current tensions…

      • Tessie

        the value of the dollar is no longer since the Nixon era connected with gold.Moreover, the currency is not based on the confidence in the system and if even 10 percent of the economic actors decided to withdraw their money the system would collapse as for the system set up by Madoff.the banks lend the money by creating money and not on the assets they hold. Finance is a house of cards that ecroulerait if the member were not there to save them like in 2008.

        • John Dee

          In fact… Even though… It is not the states that have saved the finance, but finance, which has saved the finance. The central banks are printing counterfeit money since the age of 10 to take the castle of cards. Gold the central banks are private banks (FED and ECB included). This printing of currency therefore benefits to finance, which continues to grow with this currency which increases the debt that people pay for.

  • Nicolas Dumont

    Thank you Joe Davis for all the info provided on the Bitcoin. It is true that I am not a specialist in crypto-currencies, but I think that even if bitcoin drops to 0, it can quickly back up the slope. It is a digital currency that has many interests. This is why his fall or his rise is always the one on the canvas. Honestly, I don’t think that the bitcoin might collapse one day, in spite of the strong competition that prevails on the market of the crypto-currency. But hey, as no one can predict the future, I prefer to invest wisely in this digital currency 2.0. With a personalized assistance at my disposal, as well as a good investment plan, I know how to invest in this crypto-currency to win big. I do not complain of anything, because my funds are safe and secure in the digital portfolio placed at my disposal on the site