Anonymous, a great way to promote cyber crime in the sector of crypto-currencies

When the hackers take the data of their victims for ransom, as happened during the attacks of WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware, they can earn a lot of money. In general, they use crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin for payment, in the hope to hide behind the mask of a digital. However, the hackers WannaCry have made a step forward. In effect, they have converted their bitcoins into Monero, another digital currency designed to provide anonymity ink stronger.

But how this system of anonymity protects the users. In the crypto-currency, it is to power the cyber crime by allowing hackers to evade identification by the police. A situation that could get even worse as companies specialized in the field to develop protection systems stronger.

A system protecting hackers

All the systems of crypto-currencies operate in much the same way. The networks of computers that receive direct information on transactions of different users. The computers ordered, and permanently record these transactions in a secure space.

A system which allows to keep track of the number of user accounts. The developers change regularly the code in different systems to incorporate additional features, such as anonymity always as efficient or fast processing of transactions.

Bitcoin, the first crypto-currency with a system of anonymity optimal

Bitcoin is without a doubt the crypto-currency is the most used currently. This popularity is especially due to different reasons. But what attracts the most users it is surely the fact that they can hide their identities during different transactions.

This solution offers more privacy than bank accounts or credit cards. Besides, even governments do not have any traceability of the operations performed. Therefore, users are attracted to the privacy offered by the Bitcoin.