Archos is launching a portfolio of physical crypto-currencies

Archos wants to diversify its offer and has now decided to present its brand new product which is nothing else than a actual wallet for crypto-currencies. It is the Safe-T-Mini, a small device to carry digital currencies.

A major innovation

The company Archos has decided to take part in the adventure of the crypto-currency by launching the Safe-T-Mini. While the question of the security of virtual currencies is subject to debate, this is an object that could solve the problem. Because this time, the virtual money is not stored on the hard disk of a PC but on an object that you can carry it easily and anywhere. / The portfolio will be put on sale in June next, and allows you to manage crypto-currencies.

The case is round and measures only 58 mm in diameter. Therefore, it can manage digital assets and store crypto-currencies. The company, very proud of his invention, explained : “The Archos Safe-T-Mini is compatible with the following software: Electrum, GreenAddress/Greenbits, MyCrypto and Mycelium. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and other crypto-currencies to come. “

A marketing very fast

The actual wallet of crypto-currencies is highly anticipated by some investors, who intend to use their virtual money in daily life. However, they are not going to have to wait too long. In fact, here’s what we learned : “The portfolio will be available from June 2018, at a price of $ 49.99. “ / The case is small and fits in the hand. It can be carried around !

The Safe-T-Mini allows you to generate a private key and a password in case of a problem. The hacks are apparently impossible, or at least very limited. The benefits seem to be numerous and the product is at the point.

Very soon, we may all be in our pocket a portfolio physics of crypto-currencies !