Australian investors are increasingly interested in the ICO

The media hype surrounding the potential profit associated with the ICO continues to attract australian investors. If the risks of loss are just as important as the gains, many Australians seem to be seduced by this type of investment participatory. Several cases of fraud have occurred recently with regard to the ICO. They have a little discouraged the investors.

A market in full expansion in Australia

The ICO investors are attracted by ordinary australian. The recent report of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation describes the experiences of many investors who trade actively in the markets of the ICO.

Please see below a video extract in English for more details :

Currently having 58 years, Warren Stokes has invested in the digital currency 7 years ago. He has taken this decision after his son received in the mail of the ticket of 50 dollars. Mr. Stokes explained that he understood nothing at the time, and that he did not know how his son could get as much money by staying in front of his PC. His son would have explained it to be part of a community on Reddit. Nearly 1,000 users were connected, he said.

The risk for new investors

Alex Saunders, a youtubeur who specializes in the market of digital currencies since 2012, explained that some people borrow money to invest in ICO. He said that people did not hesitate to borrow to get started in the crypto-currencies. Unfortunately, most of them are investing for the first time in this sector and do not have the necessary knowledge. They lose large sums of money.

Source : Pixabay. The ICO are becoming increasingly attractive to Australians, but new investors should be careful.

Neil, an Australian for 40 years, has invested in about nine projects so far. He testified to having had experiences mixed with the ICO. He has said that with the large number of scammers creating fake websites and fake LinkedIn profiles, it is very difficult to differentiate the true from the false. Inexperience is the main cause of the losses suffered by the new investors.

Source : NewsBitcoin