B2Broker introduces a system of payment in crypto-currencies

The Forex brokers across the world can now offer their customers the opportunity to fund their trading accounts with crypto-currencies. B2Broker, a provider of technology to the FX industry, has created a simple platform for businesses.

Check out below a video introducing the products offered by B2Broker :

A payment solution is a cryptographic

B2Broker, a provider of turnkey solutions, cloud and liquidity for the industry of foreign exchange, has launched a new platform of payment in crypto-currencies. The system is fully automated for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, it is translated in 10 languages. It also offers an improvement in the speed of transactions. In fact, each operation can be done in less than 20 seconds. Beyond the online Forex brokers, the company said that the solution has been developed to meet a wider range of commercial customers. These include the companies of trade of crypto-currencies, the campaigns of ICO, the hedge fund, online stores and other merchants wishing to accept the digital currency as a means of payment.

Source : Wikimedia Commons. B2Broker offers a payment solution in crypto-currencies for the Forex traders.

Evgeniya Mykulyak, chief operating officer of B2Broker, said that they believe that their platform will be one of the most popular solutions. The company has responded to the needs of customers who want to accept payments in crypto-currencies and seeks to broaden their base of potential customers, he continued. With this new platform, their main aim is the convenience, speed, security and cost reduction, ” added Mr. Mykulyak.

A very quick solution

As the company focuses on turnkey solutions, such as the services of a white label for MT4 and MT5, a process of easy integration is an important feature for users. The platform can be integrated via a single API which allows them to drive very fast. Of new crypto-currencies can be added in just five minutes. To do this, simply provide the addresses of the portfolios in which the payments will be received.

Merchants have three different options to collect their deposits. They can receive each crypto-currency directly into their own wallets, convert it to Bitcoin, or convert it to fiat and to receive it on their bank accounts.

Source : NewsBitcoin