the new purchasing platform of crypto-currencies 100% French

A brand new purchasing platform of crypto-currency is born in the world of cryptos, and this time, in France. With more than twenty of crypto-currencies to its meter in which the Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), the Tron (TRX), the Neo (NEO) and others, the purpose of is to simplify your life by allowing you to purchase the crypto-currency that you find on the trading platforms classic directly with Paypal or by credit card, all in just a few clicks !

A streamlined audit process

In the cutthroat world of fintechs and the proliferation of cryptomonnaies, the purchase of cryptomonnaies can sometimes be a real obstacle course. For example, a simple purchase of Omisego (OMG) or Stellar Lumens (XLM), you will need to go through several platforms, each with their own verification process which can take up to several days. After these steps, you still need to make various transfers between currencies-fiat and cryptomonnaies to finally buy the cryptomonnaie sought. This, without counting the time for the understanding of the complex functioning of the trading platforms that are based abroad. it is the removal of intermediaries between the user and the crypto-currency

The platform stands out by its willingness to make the user experience of the Blockchain faster and easier. It removes the steps that are time-consuming to go back to the basics, the process is very simple : 1. Selection of the crypto-currency desired ; 2. Indication of the address of the door-leaf ; 3. Payment. Once the order is placed, the crypto-currencies are sent out in a few minutes in the pocketbook of the client.

How does it work ? A robot trader is trading for you

This disintermediation is coming to a robot-trader, imagined and designed by the team of, which will automatically negotiate the purchase of cryptomonnaies at the best price. In just a few minutes after your order, the robot negotiates and delivers crypto-currencies on your wallet.

A French platform of purchase and exchange

Bebit.en is also a platform for the exchange of cryptomonnaies. The transfer of Ripple in Qtum, or any other type of crypto-currencies available to be done just as easily.

Finally, Bebit is a French company, its interface is entirely written in French, which facilitates considerably the understanding of the transfer process and ensures the accessibility of the purchase of cryptomonnaie to a French audience.

This French platform integrated all-in-one is still a young shoot in the landscape of fintechs but could well become the new darling of French buyers. A solution that simplifies the life of its users and stands out with the will to democratize the cryptos, who said it better ?

  • Olivier

    I find the concept interesting : Buy alt coins directly through the Internet and by credit card ! A bit like an online shop ! It is much simpler to acquire the cryptos through this rather than having to buy BTC through coinbase, transfer them to a heat-exchanger to be able to finally convert his BTC into altcoins ! A pity that the platforms of exchange have still not figured this out ….

  • Nicolas

    Sole proprietorship, a single guy who takes care of everything… It is of course not to say that it is a trap, but if I were to open a site scam I would not otherwise…

    • Jules ROQUES

      You read in the coffee grounds ?

  • Nicolas

    Ah… Okay well apparently here you don’t have the right to criticize a site with one of your articles says (blindly) a lot of good !!! Moderation of comments, a priori, as if you’re holding a site whose content could let fear of the comments offensive or promoting hate lol, and apparently censored… especially The transparency is decidedly not of this world, fortunately that Satoshi Nakamoto did not have the same philosophy as you !

  • Jules ROQUES


    I thank you for your constructive remarks. We have chosen a platform that is ultra simplified, where it is also easy to buy crypto-currencies as a t-shirt with the method very well-known for years in the world of e-commerce : the shopping cart process/command. It is for this reason that we have not explained precisely the internal workings or the technical specifications, and besides, this is a little of our secret. The important thing for people is that it works.

    On the other hand, if you had visited the website you would have noticed that there is information that answer your questions, including what is necessary to buy cryptos. The website accepts payments by credit card, by paypal and by crypto-currencies. The idéntité is also checked and the users are aware of this at registration. The bank that handles the credit card payments, and although it is not since it is PayPal who is in charge, etc…

    Here I hope to have answered some of your concerns.

    • lelievre

      Hello Customer at bebit for several months, and actually no problem with the purchase with bebit, my Ripples, Iota, cardano stellar, lumens, etc are safe on my wallet or key Nano S. In addition to the contact is very easy with this company for advice.

  • Matt Amine Clement

    Heuu.. Old article dated 26 February …

  • David Rivette

    16% of costs…… still more expensive than coinbase…..