Ben & Jerry’s uses the technology BlockChain for very specific purposes

The famous brand Ben & Jerry’s has decided to use the technology BlockChain for surprising but really interesting. In fact, the company ice cream launches in the tokenization of carbon credits.

Zoom in on the credit-carbon

The credit-carbon is a quota of pollution attributed to enterprises. The formal purpose is to limit their impact on the environment. However, those that do not use quotas which are assigned to it can sell. In particular, the companies in the most polluting. It is therefore what is commonly called the market of carbon credits, not free of fraud.

Pixabay – SD-Images / The objective of the application is to allow the consumer to understand the principle of the credit-carbon.

However, as noted, many observers, is that the consumer is completely excluded from this story. In fact, it was unfortunately not aware of this process. It is for this reason that Ben & Jerry’s is testing a new feature in a london shop. A small amount is added to the final price of their ice cream to fill the quota of carbon, and the client can also decide to pay a supplement if he wishes. This is a pilot project backed by the technology BlockChain.

An innovative application

This is the Poseidon Foundation, which is the origin of this innovation. In fact, the start-up has developed an application for Ben & Jerry’s, as explained by the founder Laszlo Giricz : “The carbon market has a large barrier to entry, it is inaccessible to the majority of us, and it is not properly managed ; we take this market and make it accessible and transparent. “

Eat quickly your ice before it melts ! ☀️ #canicule2018Merci @paulettedittout for this photo taken in Vermont, where it all started for Ben & Jerry s.

— Ben & Jerry’s (@benjerryfr) May 26, 2018

The objective of this application is to allow customers to track the carbon offsets they buy, when they offer an ice cream at Ben & Jerry s. as Well, they will be able to determine their carbon footprint and try to fill it if they want : “We are increasingly concerned to examine our social and environmental impact, and to choose companies that are engaged in these areas rather that others who do not care about them as much. “

It is, therefore, to term, to help companies offset their carbon footprints through tokens, as well as carbon on the network Stellar. It is an interesting innovation, which proves that the technology BlockChain offers many possibilities still unexplored to this day…

Source : Forbes