Bidorbuy multiply its growth by six with Bitcoin transactions

With steep ascents successive the price of Bitcoin throughout the year 2017, the business sector in South Africa is beginning to move on the web. All the more that the country is actively developing the ecosystem of Bitcoin. Bidorbuy, the version south-african eBay, is a relatively young company that started its activities in spring of last year. It has greatly benefited from the explosion of Bitcoin.

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The Bitcoin trace gradually made its road

The CEO of Bidorbuy, Jaco Jonker, explained that the transactions with the crypto-currency is the most popular in the world are only a fraction of the overall turnover of the site. “The rate of adoption of this method of payment not yet very widespread in Africa is promising and we expect an improvement in the months and years to come,” he said. And he added : “As with any innovation, it takes time for people used to it. “Although the first full year has seen a steady increase in the number and value of transactions made in Bitcoin, Bidorbuy has experienced a notable decrease in transactions in the summer. This was certainly due to the upheaval of the community Bitcoin. However, during the autumn that followed, the number of payments Bitcoin on Bidorbuy has tripled, and the value of the goods purchased with Bitcoin has increased nearly 6.5-fold, depending on the provider of trading technology simplified Tech Financials.

Here is a short video presentation of the concept of Bidorbuy.

South Africa, a heavyweight of Bitcoin in Africa

Despite a margin of manoeuvre relatively small, many south african companies entering the ecosystem Bitcoin, including it companies, Web designers, and suppliers of services in the field of air conditioning and HVAC equipment (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Also, during the summer of this year, South Africa has established a new volume of trading Bitcoin. In addition, there are a little over a month, the second-largest e-commerce site in the country has announced its intention to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. All of these efforts will provide more choice to customers and is an encouraging sign for the followers of Bitcoin in this part of the world.

Source : News.Bitcoin