Billdesk creates a new trading platform for crypto-currencies

The crypto-currency has become increasingly popular in India these days, and has done much to talk about. Now, one of the main providers of payment services in the country, Billdesk, has created a new platform of exchange to meet the needs of the growing demand for Bitcoin in India. It is Coinome.


A platform for secure and feature-rich

Billdesk is a company that is well known of payment services in India. It was founded in 2000 by Karthik Ganapathy, M. N. Srinivasu and Ajay Kaushal. The company of online payment that is based in Mumbai and remains a firm financially independent, but controlled and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. The new business of the company, referred to as Coinome, claims to have been created by ‘ enthusiasts of crypto-currency, and research experts who develop payment solutions, and banking solutions secure for nearly a decade. “We are a indian market trading of crypto-currencies, designed to offer a user experience that is rich in features without compromising security,” says the home page of the trading platform.


A platform accessible to the greatest number

Coinome also notes that the traders with indians can begin to negotiate immediately with the service “instant e-KYC” of the enterprise ; a service managed by Hatio Innovations Pvt. Ltd. The operators of the exchange in detail as they seek to manage about 20 crypto-currencies soon, but for now Coinome will deal with the Bitcoin (BTC), the rupee (INR) and the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). For instant access to the exchanges BTC-INR and BCH-IN R, they are granted to indian citizens who provide their number aadhar next to a registered phone number. Coinome sends to the user unique credentials and once it has been verified that the person may use the services of the site. The trading fees are charged per transaction and a commission of 0.1% for the seller, or 0.3 % for the buyer is charged.

Source : News.Bitcoin