Binance is investing $ 15 million to Bermuda

Some countries in the world want to impose a strict regulation on crypto-currencies. Others, however, want to alleviate the regulatory framework to attract start-ups. This is the case of Malta, for example, but also in the archipelago north of Bermuda.

An important announcement

Last Friday, the Prime minister of Bermuda Edward David Burt, made an announcement especially important. The small island nation has relaxed the rules for crypto-currencies. It comes to build a partnership particularly important. In effect, the government and the exchange platform Binance have found an agreement.

Pixabay – Makes Someone’s Day / Bermuda want to take part in the adventure of crypto-currencies.

One learns as well as the platform for exchange of digital assets Binance has the intention to develop a center to Bermuda and want to install the local. Nearly forty jobs that could be created. Binance account to invest a lot of money to train residents and companies in the technology BlockChain.

Arrival essential

It is important to know that this small british territory overseas has many advantages. Not only the official language is English, but the legal system is favourable to start-ups. In addition, the government is pursuing a policy favourable and attractive for companies in the crypto-currency. In particular, since the Virtual Currency Business Act of Bermuda was adopted, promoting the development of the local ecosystem of crypto-currencies.

Proud to announce @BdaGovernment”s partnership with @binance to establish a Global Compliance Center in #Bermuda creating 40 jobs. Binance will invest $10 million in education for #Bermudians, and $5 million in #Bermuda-based blockchain companies.

— First David Burt (@BermudaPremier) April 27, 2018

Joseph Weinberg, president of the solution BlockChain Shyft said : “The Bermuda are individuals who are highly qualified and experienced in the areas of regulatory, compliance and securities laws. The island also has a history of entrepreneurial rich, coupled with a willingness to learn and adapt. This has enabled us to offer a relationship of incredible work to develop a regulation for the ecosystem of crypto-currencies. “

Bermuda intend to take part in the adventure of the crypto-currency, and the small island takes strategic decisions to attract start-ups. It seems that everything works perfectly for the moment.

Source : News Bitcoin