Binance launches in the financing of start-ups specializing in the BlockChain

Binance is the first platform for the exchange of digital assets in terms of volumes in the world. The strength of this reputation, the giant has announced the creation of an investment fund with a billion dollars, and the objective is to finance start-up BlockChain.

An official announcement

The head of Binance Lab, Ella Zhang, out of the silence as she gave an online conference to announce this new. It teaches that Binance has raised a billion dollars. The objective is to assist in the financing of start-ups specializing in the BlockChain. This is the Binance Lab’s mission will be to select a score of partners for investments

Corr: we’d like to partner w/ fund managers who have managed >$100m AUM accumulatively, not that we only invest in crypto funds w/ >$100m AUM. Instead, we like small funds managed by experienced investors. Thanks @TechCrunch. We’ll do a year IN AMA this Thur!

— Ella Zhang (@ellazhang516) June 1, 2018

These future partners will need to demonstrate at least $ 100 million of assets under management. The entirety of these funds will be performed with the token ERC-20, that is to say, the Binance Corner, known under the abbreviation NBB. It is, of course, the crypto-currency of reference of the platform.

International expansion

The expansion of Binance is considerable these last few months. We learned, for example, that the Binance Lab was to assist the project Didi Chuxing who wishes to launch an application for reservation of VTC-based technology BlockChain. It is understandable then that the field of intervention of Binance is extremely broad and that the exchange platform has sacred ambitions at the international level.

I just published “Binance Labs — Why? What? How?”

— Ella Zhang (@ellazhang516) May 22, 2018

It was necessary to know that the technology BlockChain is at the top of the trend. This last is experiencing an unprecedented success with companies that want to use it in the context of their industrial processes or computer. It is for this reason that Binance develops a maximum of projects around this technology.

The first exchange platform for crypto-currencies in the world crosses so a new milestone in the creation of this investment fund to finance the start-up BlockChain. The announcement of the chosen ones should not delay. Patience is necessary !

Source : China Money Network