Binance launches the Binance Academy

Binance is embarking in a new project very educational. Indeed, the platform has announced to launch the Binance Academy. The goal is simply to inform the investors in an objective manner to assist them to better understand crypto-currencies and the technology BlockChain.

A new teaching platform

The exchange platform Binance, currently number one in the world, has announced the arrival of a teaching platform for free. This last is called the Binance Academy, and will offer neutral information to users around the world. It is an educational initiative open to the whole world, in order to train the enthusiasts of the BlockChain.

Pixabay MaxFonz / The goal is to educate internet users around the world.

Binance wants to democratize access to crypto-currencies by explaining, very simply, for those who desire what they are, how does the BlockChain or in the forming security. Three themes will be available very soon in the framework of the Binance Academy.

A comprehensive training

The Binance Academy will therefore provide users with three themes. The first concerns the fundamentals of the BlockChain and explains how does this technology, returning in particular on the mining and its interests. Then, the second theme treats of the corners and tokens, explaining that before everything that are the Bitcoin and Ethereum, or insisting on the difference between the corners and the tokens. Finally, the third theme is entirely dedicated to security in order to help an investor to identify a scam or to effectively secure its accounts.

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— Binance Academy (@BinanceAcademy) May 23, 2018

Each video lasts about five minutes and is performed by four people maximum. Users also have the right to participate in the adventure by creating videos. They will receive Bitcoins if their video is published on the Binance Academy.

The idea is interesting, because the crypto-currency technology and the BlockChain remain areas opaque and many are in demand for training to better understand them. There is no doubt that the Binance Academy will quickly meet a big success from the interested internet users.

Source : Binance