Bioptix is launched on the exchange market of crypto-currencies

Bioptix Inc., until now specialized in the manufacture of diagnostic equipment for the biotechnology industry, will now launch on the market of digital currencies. Accordingly, the company has decided to change its name and becomes a Riot Blockchain Inc. From now on, the company will focus on the purchase of companies of crypto-currencies and related to the blockchain. The first operation performed, is the redemption of Coinsquare Ltd, a canadian company specialized in the trade of digital tokens.

Their stock of foreign currencies has almost doubled in value in just a few days after the announcement of this acquisition. The formalization of this transaction has allowed the increase of the value of their shares, with an increase of 17 %.

The crypto-currencies, assets attractive to investors

This company is not the only one embarking on such a market. Other companies have already shown that the passage into the market of crypto-currencies is often rewarded by investors. This is possible thanks to the increase in the value of digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Everyone from large banks to start-ups are attracted to this type of investment. Moreover, the shares of have recovered after he said that he started to exchange crypto-currencies.

Bioptix wants to acquire other companies

The company has invested millions of dollars for the development of Coinsquare. This investment could increase. The new general manager of the company seeks to acquire companies specialised in the trade of crypto-currencies. He indicated that he had a lot of success by buying such companies.

Bioptix has already stopped its activities and began selling its patents remaining a private company operating in the diagnostic industry. He will receive an initial payment of approximately $ 2.5 million. Several changes will take place in the next few days, says the new chief executive of the company.