BitAfric : cryptomonnaies have the wind in their sails in Africa ?

Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Ether… all the virtual currencies that are poised to shake the world of global finance. But is that this phenomenon will he be able to reign as master in the black continent ?

The BitAfric, an alternative to the CFA Franc

For years, Africans do feet and hands to transform the governance of the Franc zone. Some financial experts now want to find other alternatives to this real problem of the CFA Franc. Today, the cryptomonnaies such as the Bitcoin, the Ether, the Monero, the Dash or the Ripple are considered as being doors of salvation to work around the CFA. According to the latest survey of the us bureau ” Research and Markets “, the area of virtual currencies and the system’s Blockchain should be noted a growth of 35.2 per cent by 2022.

What are the advantages presented by the BitAfric ?

Being a virtual currency, the BitAfric is totally independent of the banks as well as financial operators. In addition, transfers of foreign currency to remain completely anonymous. Indeed, the history of transactions is guaranteed by the technology of Blockchain, a system of storage and placing data in a transparent, secure, and walking without central control body.

Using the system BitAfric, you will have the advantage of avoiding to pay the costs of the transactions. Furthermore, various problems related to the CFA will be raised. This translates to the sovereignty of the countries of the black continent of the Franc zone, the free movement of currency, postage convertibility CFA Franc/euro, with the collaboration of France with regard to the administration of central banks with a presence in Africa…

The circulation of the BitAfric lies-t-it a day or be it a mere utopia ? Folder to follow !