Bitcoin and conspiracy theory

The Bitcoin and crypto-currencies would be inventions spontaneous corresponding to a technological innovation needed ? This is not the opinion of all the world… The emergence of Bitcoin and the development of its substitutes have allowed the development of various theses, which may for some be the conspiracy theory. So, let’s do an update on this latest in the world of crypto-currencies.

A bubble, or is it a voluntary transfer ?

Generally, two types of analysts that are opposed : those who believe in the future of Bitcoin as a payment method in the future, and those who only see the greatest financial bubble in the history of mankind. It must be said that the behavior of some speculators and the appetite for energy of many crypto-currencies and encourage these…

But the conspiracy come to bring their stone to the building. In fact, for them, it would not be a speculative bubble is accidental, but the biggest transfer values all the time. And this “evacuation” would be scheduled and voluntary. From there, the conspiracy theory believes that, despite some claims to the contrary point, most States will let this phenomenon, with more or less framing, possibly to justify and/or encourage it ! As an example, here is a little video, it’s abundant on its way in this direction :

According to some conspiracy, the IMF would create its own world currency, type, cryptographic, made from a panel of DTS. Gold would be the medium, while a parity would be possible with the Bitcoin. In this table, the euro is a single currency “transition” between the two currencies, trustees of the States (all annihilated by an overproduction of currency in circulation these days) and the crypto-currencies. These last would not be there that waiting for a super crypto-currency.

What are the arguments ?

This opinion may seem preposterous. Without wanting to make any judgement of value above, let us just mention a few arguments about crypto-assets by the proponents of the conspiracy theory.

At the origin, we find a coincidence of facts : the global economic and financial crisis of 2008, with the debt overhang correlative States. Of course, the conspiracy consider that the public debt is already, in itself, a means of domination :

However, the Bitcoin appears shortly after, meanwhile. Its inventor remains anonymous, known under the name fantasy of ” Satoshi Nakamoto “. This allows everyone to set, at the discretion of her imagination, no matter who behind : a New World Order, a cult of international bankers of high finance, the Americans or the Chinese, etc

However, according to the followers of the conspiracy theory, the explosion of Bitcoin would have been encouraged by the monetary policies of state supervised and coordinated at the scale of the planet, with QE and rate negative. At the same time, since 2008, the value of the precious metals have been manipulated like never before. The Bitcoin would have been for the purpose of replacing the gold to spend in addition to the States instituted which have the precious metal par excellence.

Thus, one slides to the conclusion : the Bitcoin would be a ” proto-global currency “, not belonging visibly to anyone and bypassing all of the sovereign States. Thus, the great capitalists benefit also for the benefit of paradise cryptographic in place of the famous “tax havens” that have life tougher.

We’ll let you make your own opinion… !

Source : International Network

  • justine

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