Bitcoin Cash benefits from the abortion temporary Segwit2x

This week has been a week crazy for the fans and the users of crypto-currencies. Indeed, the ecosystem of digital assets is still in shock after the failover aborted to Segwit2x, which had to be put in place on the Bitcoin network in the next week. Over the past few weeks that have preceded this update, the markets of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have doubled in value, hovering around $ 300. Now, the market has stabilized around $625.


The Bitcoin Cash returns to the breath

The network Bitcoin Cash is flourishing, because the value of this currency is decentralized, has risen sharply in recent weeks. At the present time, the price of the BCH hovers around $ 625. Moreover, the markets are now reaching approximately $ 830 million dollars in transaction volume daily. On the markets of the BCH, is still a great deal of volume of trade conducted with the south Korean won. In effect, the currency capture is generally about 49% of the daily volumes. It is also important to note that the markets exchanging most of BCH are Bitjumb, Hitbtc, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Korbit.


A new version of Segwit2x-like approach

The as is as Segwit2x tries to approach by another way, the channel BCH is to 8100 blocks before the chain BTC (Bitcoin). But the profitability of the process of mining and the fluctuations may change after the network BCH has reconfigured the adjustment algorithm of difficulty (ACD). Now, the miners of BCH clearly display their intention to attempt a new activation Segwit2x. All in all, the community of the BCH seems to be satisfied with the ecosystem growing digital currency and many supporters believe that this new Segwit2x will be fluid.

Source : News.Bitcoin