Bitcoin is a “scam,” according to the head of JPMorgan

According to the Financial Times, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co, the famous financial holding company has been strongly denigrated the Bitcoin by calling it a ” scam “. Jamie Dimon advance, in addition, that this cryptomonnaie will collapse shortly.

According to the CEO of JPMorgan, the bitcoin implodes

“This is a scam “, these are the words used by Jamie Dimon to describe the Bitcoin. The CEO of JPMorgan adds during a conference on finance in New York that he is “shocked” by the fact that no one realizes that this virtual currency has no future. “The BTC pipeline could even treat yourself to 20 000 dollars, but will eventually implode,” adds he. This great name in finance has also threatened with termination of its traders in the event of acquisition or sale of Bitcoin. And for good reason, he says, the ICO (Initial Corner Offering) are dangerous, stressing that only the out-of-the-law, such as pirates, murderers or drug traffickers could place funds in this ” canaillerie “.

A financial bubble that is being burst

According to many experts interviewed by Sputnik, it is not recommended to invest in the cryptomonnaies. And for good reason, a huge bubble is in the process of moving on the area. According to the chairman of the board of Prime Capital, it will explode when the capitalization of all cryptomonnaies will have reached the $ 500 billion, if it is today to $ 150 billion.

Lately, the BTC, the leader ultimate cryptomonnaies holds the first place with a capitalization valued at 69,871 billion, or nearly 50 % of the market of the currency is cryptographic. Ethereum (Ether) close on the heels of Bitcoin with a capitalization of 28,28 billion. Bitcoin is Cash, meanwhile, won the bronze medal with 8,587 billion. The top 5 is closed by the Ripple (8,298 billion) and Litecoin (3,488 billion).

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