Bitconnect closes its trading platform for crypto-currencies

In a move that will surprise few observers, Bitconnect has announced the closure of its platform for negotiations of crypto-currencies. The company has been the subject of numerous lawsuits due to the fact that it would put in place a Ponzi scheme. Two u.s. States have also disseminated the notice of termination and discontinuance against the company.

After the announcement of the liquidation of the shares of the company, the digital currency and BCC of the company fell to $ 290 in less than 10. The closure of the platform has left investors in the total disarray.

Please see below the details of this case :

The activities of Bitconnect are stopped

The pressure mounts on Bitconnect for months. Personalities within the community of crypto-currencies have shown that the society has not developed as it should be. Some american media revealed that the company was subject to notice of termination.

Source : Steve Buissinne, Pixabay. The termination of services of exchange of crypto-currencies for Bitconnect.

On the web site for Bitconnect, the company has declared an end to its exchange service because of the multiplication of the notice of termination and a series of DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, this article is not yet accessible because of these attacks. Local newspapers have allowed the newcomers not to use the platform.

The strategy put in place by Bitconnect

The exact running regarding returns to investors has never been disclosed by Bitconnect. However, according to specialists, it would be a pyramid scheme. It is almost certain that the trading robot the smart to Bitconnect, which performs the transactions, and will share the dividends with the community, does not exist.

However, we do not know yet until now if the judgment of this exchange service will announce the bankruptcy of the company. DDoS attacks are a tactic that a number of market places online use it to sow confusion. The situation does not improve for Bitconnect, since the BCC of the company does not continue to fall.

Source : NewsBitcoin