Bitfinex and Ethfinex are going to host the tokens of to boost their liquidity

Bitfinex, and its subsidiary Ethfinex, have agreed to list the tokens ERC20 of the incubator in order to “provide additional liquidity” to successful projects. In an article published yesterday, the two startups, which have a direct interest in the expansion of the decentralized exchange of digital currencies, have described the partnership as ” a long-term shared vision to provide services that support the ecosystem Blockchain in its entirety. Traders Ethfinex, like those of Bitfinex, can invest directly in pre-sales projects in the framework of a bilateral agreement.

Secure projects ERC20

The platform is expected to enter its beta phase to launch by the end of the year. Commenting on this initiative, the project leader Ethefinex Will Harbour, focused on the security and integrity of the projects ERC20, Cofound being able to provide “trusted partners”. He said : “The diligence required to discover the real quality in a space that is growing rapidly is extremely difficult and the construction of these networks of trusted partners, is one of the most effective ways to resolve this issue.” And to add : “The other way is through the section of analysis and discussion of Ethfinex, where our users can contribute to the ongoing audit of these projects.”

Ethfinex and Bitfinex want to take advantage of the slowdown of the ICO

The market of the ICO, which is currently more than $ 2 billion, has seen its period of difficulty in the third quarter of 2017. In effect, the legal status and regulatory frameworks is now becoming a major consideration for platforms providing advice and other types of services for users of crypto-currencies. As a” hybrid “, Ethfinex and Bitfinex are trying to move the lines on the market of crypto-currencies with its combined platform of exchange and information for the tokens ERC20.

Source : Cointelegraph