BitFlyer has chosen Luxembourg to establish itself in Europe

BitFlyer, the biggest platform foreign currency exchange world in Bitcoin, has just announced a great new. The latter is expected to revolutionize the world of crypto-currency in Europe. In fact, a agency of exchange in Bitcoin will open its doors in Luxembourg. This is a first in Europe !

The first platform foreign currency exchange world

BitFlyer is an exchange platform created in Japan in 2014. It quickly became a reference in the world of digital currency, registering in 2017, $ 250 billion of transactions in crypto-currencies. The company controls between 20% and 30% of the foreign exchange market in Bitcoin at the international level. And now, a new platform debuts in Europe ! It will be first reserved for professionals carrying out transactions is very important in bitcoins. But this service should quickly be extended to other crypto-currencies, including Litecoin, and Ethereum.


It is a big event so in Europe, and it is in Luxembourg that this agency that the exchange will open its doors very soon. A great pride for Yuza Kano, CEO of bitFlyer, who said : “I am proud that we are now the platform for the exchange of virtual currencies the most respectful of the regulations in the world ; this status regulatory coveted gives our customers, our company and the industry of the virtual currency in general, is a very positive perspective for the future “.

A growing interest at the international level

But bitFlyer is far from being the only actor to take an interest in changes in crypto-currencies. In effect, Amazon would have already reserved three domain names related to virtual currencies. We learned by CNBC last week that the retail giant had online booked :,, For the moment, it seems that Amazon does not plan to accept payments in crypto-currencies on its e-commerce platform. The creation of these three domain names may very well be a first step to create a platform for the exchange of digital currencies.


Anyway, to this day, bitFlyer is the biggest platform to exchange bitcoins in the world, and will therefore establish themselves in Luxembourg. Good news for european investors.

Source : Wort