Bithumb introduces a system of payment in crypto-currencies for social networks

Bithumb, one of the largest exchange platforms in the world, the buzz today with a new system called SNS Pay. It is a module allowing users to buy items directly on the social networks, in digital currencies.

A revolutionary system

Bithumb is part of the greatest actors of crypto-currencies in the world, its platform for exchange generating about $ 200 million in terms of volumes of trade each day. However, this company of origin of south korea has just launched a payment system that could revolutionize the industry of virtual currencies. In fact, it is a payment system called SNS Pay, intended for social networks.

Pixabay – Geralt / The system SNS-Pay is a payment system designed for social networks.

Thus, thanks to SNS Pay, users will be able to directly buy the products on the social networks, without going through an e-commerce platform as is currently the case. Thus, everyone is a winner : the buyer does not lose time in changing the Web site, the merchant is paid quickly in crypto-currencies, and Bithumb develops its payment system was innovative. But it is also positive for the social networks, because they do not lose the users, the latter continuing to browse !

An original initiative

SNS Pay is easy to make purchases on the Internet crypto-currencies on the social networks. It should be noted that as South Korea’s 50 million people are active on social networks, or 84% of the population. It was therefore logical that the exchange platform in south korea is very interested in social media and launches a system such as the SNS Pay.

Pixabay – Makes Someone’s Day / With the system SNS Pay, users can directly pay in Bitcoins and other virtual currencies.

Bithumb becomes with this payment system a forerunner in the diversification of its services as a platform for the exchange. This innovation is particularly important and could well make all the difference in the future. Now we’ll wait to discover how it works SNS Pay in the facts.

Source : News Bitcoin