Bitmex : Tether is not associated with the Ponzi scheme

Bitmex to do the talking, after a report that he has revealed, following another detailed investigation and large-scale. This time, the study conducted by Bitmex for Tether, a digital currency backed by the us dollar and that is often subject to scrutiny. Please note that us regulators have closed down this service. This survey has allowed us to understand the allegations of the Tether is not supported by reserves of fiat money.

Tether is the subject of an investigation

In the course of the last month, all of the world Ari Paul at Weiss Ratings, has insisted on the debate on Tether. They seek to address the legitimacy of the company. Recently, Bitmex Research revealed a report related to this matter, even though it will not be the last investigation. However, this could allay some of the toughest critics against the company and its practices.

Please see below a video in English telling about this announcement :

Bitmec Research is able to go where other investigative journalists can’t. His review on the Ripple, there is a fortnight, has received praise from many experts. And his report on the Tether could also attract the interest of the community of crypto-currencies. In this report, it was indicated that a Tether has the means to support its virtual currency, but is always sensitive to the regulatory pressures, particularly those emanating from the Usa.

Tether does not need a Blockchain

Bitmex has written that the hacking incident has shown that the Tether can effectively control its platform. But why Tether does it put its database on the Blockchains Bitcoin and Ethereum, so that it would be cheaper to create its own database to the public ? A question that the experts will attempt to answer.

Bitmex has, however, recognized the lack of transparency of the Tether, but noted that this situation does not indicate fraud. This corresponds to a recent report by the security researcher Nicholas Weaver. Bitmex has also agreed that Tether is likely to encounter problems in the field of money laundering because of the anonymity that the service provides.

Source : NewsBitcoin