Bitpay wants to reach a total of one billion payments in Bitcoin per year

The global provider of services for payment in Bitcoin, Bitpay, has released a report that details the payment volume of the company. It has increased exponentially this year a total of 328 %. The company is based in Atlanta, founded in 2011, says it is approaching the one billion u.s. dollars in terms of payments bitcoin is treated annually.

Bitpay has taken advantage of the growing popularity of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin has experienced a phenomenal year in 2017, creating many opportunities. The startup Bitpay is also in the process of reaching records this year also. The company founded by Stephen Pair and Tony Gallippi was founded six years ago. And since then, the company has become the largest provider of payment Bitcoin on a global scale. “We’ve seen a major growth this year,” says Bitpay. “We are now able to treat more than a billion dollars in Bitcoin every year, and we have already developed our volumes of payment “, he added.

Bitpay is also growing at the level of large transactions

Bitpay also says that they have also met with a lot of growth in the spending of Bitcoin. The platform saves $ 110 million payment in Bitcoin per month. For example, the broker of precious metals, JM Bullion has processed approximately $ 4 million in sale of Bitcoin during the month of June. At the same time, the popular magazine of electronic product, Newegg has doubled its sales of Bitcoin.

“In 2017, we focused on the contribution of the value of Bitcoin on the problems of payments to a large value. In effect, these large payments are often subject to bank transfers are slow or a processing fee, costs, and potential fraud, ” reveals Bitpay. It is for this reason that we have worked with several real estate companies and dealt with several real estate purchases 6 to 7 figures this year.