BitSpread approves the arrangements put in place by South Korea

According to the founder of BitSpread, Cedric Jeanson, the decision of South Korea to better regulate speculation around exchanges of crypto-currencies is rather positive. Jeanson said that it was quite normal. The company’s BitSpread produces more than 1 billion transactions per month. This company speculates on disparities in the prices between the platforms of exchange that deal with the digital currency.

The authorities in Seoul are planning to ban the accounts of crypto-currencies they are anonymous and wish to close the business of trading of virtual currency. The south Korean government has already warned that crypto-currencies may not function as a real currency and could lead to significant losses due to its volatility. Recently, South Korea announced plans to tax gains from the negotiations of digital currency.

Source : Wikimedia Commons

A market that is very volatile

Bitcoin could experience an exceptional growth in 2018. Nick Colas, co-founder of Data Trek’s Research, which was also the first Wall Street analyst to cover the Bitcoin and believes that the crypto-currency could reach $ 22,000 next year.

The president of TenX, Julian Hosp, told CNBC that the price of Bitcoin could rise to more than $ 60,000. However, he added that it would also be likely that the value of descent to less than $ 5,000.

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The crypto-currencies as methods of payment

Jeanson is expected that a larger number of companies and online merchants begin to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment in 2018. However, the start continues on the question of whether the digital currency may be a viable solution.

The critical concern not only to the volatility of Bitcoin, but also the slowness of the transactions, security issues and the cost of the mining of digital currencies. However, Jeanson is optimizes on the fact that improvements to the network can solve these problems.

Source : CNBC