Bitstamp launches new pairs of trading of Bitcoins Cash in December

The market exchange of Bitcoin Bitstamp announced that it would launch pairs of Bitcoins during the first week of December. When the Bitcoin Cash is separate from the network Blockchain of Bitcoin at the beginning of the month of August, many people were skeptical on the fact that he could get enough support to remain viable. Therefore, a good number of markets and services of crypto-currencies, including Bitstamp, have adopted an approach of expectant management.

The Bitcoin Cash is currently a crypto-currency strong

However, nearly four months after this separation, the Bitcoin Cash retains third place in the ranking of the market capitalization and is currently trading at close to $ 1200. In addition, the growth of the Bitcoin Cash has been accelerated by the failover aborted to Segwit2x. Therefore, more and more services offering support for the Bitcoin Cash. Today, it is Bitstamp who chooses to add the Bitcoin Cash on its platform. Before, there were only four crypto-currencies present on Bitstamp, namely, the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.


The Bitcoin Cash, and the Bitcoin can they coexist ?

“We have allowed the Bitcoin Cash to meet the demands of our customers. Since we always try to remain neutral, we wanted to take the time to see how the market reacts, ” said Nejc Kodrič, CEO of Bitstamp. On Bitstamp, it will be seen, therefore, three pairs of commercial, namely BCH/USD, BCH/EUR, and BCH/BTC. “Unless something changes on the market, we do not see why the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Cash can not coexist and serve different use cases “, he stressed.

The point of view of Kodrič is shared by many observers of the industry, including Andreas Antonopoulos, who recently urged the advocates of each crypto-currency to stop treating the markets like toys. Others, including Ari Paul, CEO of Blocktower Capital, have a more bearish, anticipating that the competition for the hashpower and the brand image will prevent the two sides to reach a truce in the long term.

Source : News.Bitcoin