Bruno Le Maire, announced the establishment of a mission on the crypto-currencies

The minister of economy and finance, Bruno Le Maire, has just announced the establishment of a mission on the crypto-currencies in France. This last was entrusted to a former deputy governor of the Bank of France.

A very precise purpose

Bruno the Mayor wants to protect the people and the country against the risks of speculation and the possible diversion of financial related to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. It is for this reason that a working group has officially been put in place. The minister of economy and finance of france has announced the new when he presented his wishes to the press.

“This mission I will propose guidance on the development of regulations to better control the development and prevent their use for purposes of tax evasion, money laundering or the funding of criminal activities or terrorism. “

It is Jean-Pierre Landau, former deputy governor of the Bank of France, who is responsible for conducting this mission on the crypto-currencies. It is important to know that the institution of the bank of France is very cautious vis-à-vis the crypto-currency and has in particular strongly criticized the Bitcoin.

A control of crypto-currencies

The minister of economy and finance does not wish to ban crypto-currencies, but only the control. Because they can be dangerous. And it is not the only politician to launch a working group on the subject. Bruno Le Maire, has the intention of bringing the subject at the international level. In fact, he has explained that he would ask the presidency of argentina in the G20 to seize the delicate question of crypto-currencies.

A long-awaited document

The former deputy governor of the Bank of France was therefore the bread on the board. We know, however, its opinion on the question of crypto-currencies. The latter had published a forum in 2016 on the Financial Times. He criticized openly the craze linked to Bitcoin, and spoke of ” the tulip of the Xxi century “. It was a reference to the tulip mania of the Seventeenth century, when prices had risen sharply before collapsing in a dramatic way. There is no doubt that the conclusions of this working group will not be favourable to the crypto-currency.

However, the implementation of this mission is positive. It should not be forgotten that Bruno The Mayor, even if he is distrustful against digital currencies, interest for some technologies that are related to it. Thus, for example, it has made an order to allow the use of the BlockChain for the exchange of certain securities.

So we’ll have to wait until the end of that mission before you draw hasty conclusions. Follow !


Source : Numerama