Buy a yacht with the crypto-currency is now possible

After the real estate, yachts… It is now possible, thanks to the american society Denison Yacht purchase a yacht of luxury with crypto-currencies. A new possibility for the holders of Bitcoins and other virtual currencies.

Property luxurious for wealthy investors

We find more and more real estate is selling in Bitcoins. In Dubai but also in San Diego these last few days, with luxurious accommodations were sold in crypto-currencies. However, the real estate companies are not the only ones to be interested in the virtual currency. In effect, the company floridienne Denison Yachting has just announced their desire to participate in the adventure in order to expand its customer base.

Pixabay – Willoh / It is now possible to buy a yacht with the crypto-currency.

Thus, the company offers the possibility to the wealthy investors who hold the crypto-currency to offer a yacht of luxury. A new range of boats was launched at the Miami International Boat Show and it will only be available for sale in Bitcoins and other virtual currencies.

The founder of Denison Yachting, Bob Denison, is particularly enthusiastic : “My colleagues will sometimes say that it is a “coup”, but we were able to get real results due to this decision, and I believe hard as iron. “

Yachts in Bitcoins

Potential buyers can thus use the Bitcoins Cash, Tronix or ethers. The founder of the business of yachting is aware of the volatility of crypto-currencies, but he is convinced that the past will stabilize and that they will be the currency of tomorrow. It means to believe in the future of the crypto-currency and believe it is a great opportunity to expand his business and open the purchase of yachts to a new customer.

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / holders of crypto-currencies can offer boats luxurious.

The rich holders of crypto-currencies, therefore, have more opportunities and can now offer several luxury goods against digital currencies. The trend continues, imposing little by little, the Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a real means of payment.

Source : CNBC