Buy apartments with Bitcoins is now possible in Dubai

The real estate sector has not finished to surprise us. In fact, a proponent prepares today to sell 100 luxury apartments only adjustable with the Bitcoin, the first virtual currency world.

A new concept from a investisseuse scottish

“The Baroness bra “, Michelle Mone for close friends is at the origin of this idea can not be more extravagant. After having made a fortune in the underwear, this businesswoman and her husband Doug Barrowman now want to invest in real estate. Today, the couple of bosses sells nearly 150 luxury apartments only payable in BTC within the emirate of the United Arab emirates. It is a front-first into the world of virtual currency, which continues to increasingly attract investors. After having been processed around 830 euros, or $ 1,000, the bitcoin has nearly 4000 euros before losing to new 20 % last week.


And what is the price of the apartments ?

To enjoy the luxury offered by its splendid apartments, you will have to pay 30 Bitcoins minimum. This amount is equivalent to 116 000 euros you can be the owner of a studio of 47 m2. For 75 bitcoins, is 290 000 euros, you will be able to acquire an apartment of 130 m2 with 2 bedrooms. In sum, this real estate program for over 1000 dwellings with a total value of 71 120 bitcoin, or 275 million euros. The construction will include a shopping centre, a space well-being as well as a heated pool for the comfort of the inhabitants.

This program of Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman is intended primarily for investors who have become rich thanks to the explosion of the virtual currency. Please note that the rental yield is 9% per year. So, if you have a few dozens of bitcoins from you, why don’t you offer a beautiful suite in Dubai ?