Bypass censorship on the Bitcoin network with the radio frequency in low signal

At the conference Scaling Bitcoin 2017 at Stanford University, two people have talked about a new method to provide the network with Bitcoin more resistance to the censorship by using radio communications at low signal. It is Elaine Or, of Stanford University, and Nick Szabo, a computer scientist. Their project proves the effectiveness of the propagation of radio waves of low frequency to circumvent the censorship on the Bitcoin network.

Supply the Bitcoin network with frequencies to low signal

Bitcoin is an exciting network of nodes to check which all work together to secure the network Blockchain. At present, the network is secure enough, but fear that he might be attacked in the future, or blocked by firewalls, gateways, Internet service providers and even governments. The radio communications at low signal-have begun to make their appearance around the year 2008. It is a period where Joe Taylor has created ” Whisper “, a transmitter of radio-frequency weak signal. Whisper is a computer program that increases the emission of radio weak signal between the users of amateur radio. Sazbo and Or want to use the same technology to power the Bitcoin network.

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A whole new way of processing the signal

During the conference, it is Szabo who introduced the project. He then passed the word to Or is responsible to reveal more about the design of the protocol and the signal processing. The researcher explains that all digital data can be transmitted by radio waves, and his work focuses on the phase shift keying binary. However, Elaine and Nick Szabo are not the first to introduce the concept of the Blockchain in the radio emissions. In 2013-2014, a project called ” Kryptoradio “, from Finland, sent the data to the network Blockchain used by Bitcoin on the network to DVB-T. It is the system audio and video used by radio stations and television from anywhere in the world.

Here is a video of the second day of the conference Scaling Bitcoin in which Elaine and Nick Szabo make their presentation.

Source : News.Bitcoin