Catalonia is planning to adopt the crypto-currency after independence

The market of crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, is currently experiencing a considerable boom. Many governments are trying to put in place regulations to monitor the sector. If some countries, such as China, are still nervous to the idea of adopting these digital currencies. Others have been found in the active, a very interesting investment.

Moreover, Catalonia is in the process of implementing a strategy in order to take advantage of these virtual currency. The region has recently declared its independence, but Madrid is committed to keep Catalonia in Spain. The future independent government seeks to use a crypto-national currency and a system based on the technology of Blockchain.

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SmartCatalonia is already exploring the market of crypto-currencies

According to a local newspaper, the director catalan SmartCatalonia has already been several times in Estonia in order to understand the area of crypto-currencies. Estonia made the headlines when his plan for the establishment of a digital currency and national has been severely challenged by the president of the european central Bank.

We can therefore understand the intentions of Catalonia. This last wishes as effect to analyze the manner of implementing such technology in the region. Their goal is to create a crypto-currency supported by the State.

A crypto-currency for Catalonia

This is the first of its kind in Europe. Moreover, it is a good thing that a government independent catalan chooses a crypto-national currency rather than a central bank. Russia and Kazakhstan suggest the creation of crypto-currencies. This decision would not be a surprise.

The catalan government has already received Vitalik Buterin, a young canadian of Russian origin, specializing in crypto-currencies, related to the development of such technology. He gave them advice related to the use of an ICO for the financing of such a project. A good news for the market of crypto-currencies that elicit today the interest of many countries.

Source : CoinTelegraph