Bitcoin and conspiracy theory

The Bitcoin and crypto-currencies would be inventions spontaneous corresponding to a technological innovation needed ? This is not the opinion of all the world… The emergence of Bitcoin and the development of its substitutes have allowed the development of various theses, which may for some be the conspiracy theory. So, let’s do an update on […]

The major porn sites are turning to the crypto-currency

Several Internet sites specializing in pornography have decided to turn to the crypto-currencies. An announcement that made the buzz, especially on social networks ! Joint decisions On 17 April, several pornographic sites have jointly decided to use the Rod, and a crypto-currency. We learn as well as Brazzers, PornHub, YouPorn, or RealityKing have decided to […]

Christine Lagarde, wants to propose a regulatory framework that is balanced

Christine Lagarde is again made regarding the international regulation of future crypto-currencies. The director of the international monetary Fund hopes that the IMF should have a major role in the establishment of this regulatory framework. A regulatory framework necessary For several months, Christine Lagarde asserts that it is necessary to put in place a regulatory […]

Telegram uses the Bitcoin to circumvent the ban of Russia

Recently, the Russian authorities have decided to ban instant messaging application Telegram. The Moscow court made this decision last April 15. In an effort to combat terrorism in the country, the department of the Russian security has announced that the solution Telegram would be immediately prohibited. The company has refused to hand over user data. […]

The surfer Silvana Lima enjoys a sponsorship by crypto-currency

Silvana Lima is a top-level sporting, who struggled to find a sponsor. But the young surfer aged 33 years has found the solution with a sponsorship by crypto-currency. A sponsorship interesting Silvana Lima is a young surfer girl is extremely talented, and very famous in his sport. Unfortunately, the sponsors are not jostled not to […]

21 Million, a podcast dedicated to the history of Bitcoin

The technology of BlockChain and all crypto-currencies seem to fascinate the public. To the extent that Capital has decided to develop a new concept around this hot topic. This is a podcast that focuses on the most famous of the virtual currencies, namely Bitcoin. A show on the Bitcoin The Bitcoin is now part of […]

The japanese central bank is against the issuance of a crypto-national currency

The japanese central bank is the latest financial institution government to acknowledge the risks of crypto-currencies issued by the State. According to its vice-governor Masayoshi Amamiya, a digital currency and national could threaten the traditional financial system established in the developed countries. The japanese bank did not intend to publish its own crypto-currency, he said. […]

Huawei launches BlockChain Services

Huawei Technologies is famous for its smartphones, particularly high-performance. But, today, the chinese company is launching a new platform called BlockChain Services, and is therefore turning to this now famous technology. The advantages of the technology BlockChain Huawei Technologies has no intention of letting his cake and wants to participate in the great adventure of […]

A base station smart charging technology-based IOTA

Dutch engineers have developed a charging station for electric cars that work with the technology Tangle of IOTA. That is to say that they have developed an intelligent system to charge the vehicle based on the crypto-currencies IOTA. A smart terminal It is on the campus of Buiten in Arnhem in the netherlands you will […]