Some of the ads on YouTube undermine the crypto-currency without your knowledge

If you use YouTube on a daily basis, may have you noticed in recent days a significant slowdown of the platform and to your computer. The reason is simple : some of the ads undermine the crypto-currency without your knowledge ! An observable phenomenon This are regular users of YouTube who have sounded the alarm. […]

South Korea will not close the exchange platforms for crypto-currencies

It is quite a relief for many investors. The minister of Finance of South Korea has just declared that the government did not intend to close exchange platforms for crypto-currencies. Confusion since the beginning of January For several weeks, confusion reigns in South Korea. The government seemed beautiful and well decided to regulate crypto-currencies, and […]

The chat app is the most popular in Japan launches a business exchange of crypto-currencies

The operator of the chat application the most popular in Japan with approximately $ 168 million monthly users, has announced its intention to launch a solution of exchanges of digital currencies. Line Corporation has already started the process of registering as a trade crypto-currencies with the financial regulatory authority of the country. Source : Wikimedia […]

Facebook has banned the ads misleading related to crypto-currencies

As a result of the response to continuing complaints about advertisements cryptographic fraudulent, Facebook has issued a ban. According to a new decision issued on 30 January, the advertisements must not promote financial products and services frequently associated with practices promotional fraudulent, such as crypto-currencies or the ICO. This initiative is sure to be well […]

The founders of Crowdfire plan to launch a company for exchange of Bitcoins in India

The crypto-currencies have become very popular in India, and the markets of digital assets in the country have experienced exponential growth despite the uncertainty from the indian government. This week, the founders of the application Crowdfire have announced that they would start a business to trade Bitcoins in the country in the month of march. […]

The crypto-millionaires want to create a city in Puerto Rico

Some became extremely rich thanks to crypto-currencies. And they are willing to protect their new wealth. To the extent that several crypto-millionaires would want to erect an ideal city in Puerto Rico. Back on this crazy project ! Live in Puerto Rico Some crypto-millionaires come to present a project particularly original. These Americans have decided […]

Censorship on the ads related to crypto-currencies in China

The media based in Hong-Kong reported that the main search engines, and social networks of the country do not seem to offer paid advertising for products or companies associated to the Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The reports have indicated that the censorship of the ads went back to the declaration of the people’s Bank […]

The mobile payment solution Square integrates Bitcoin in its application

This Wednesday, Jack Dorsey, CEO of payment processing company mobile Square, revealed that the application users can now buy and sell Bitcoins. Last November, this functionality has been tested from various users. Now, most of them can access to this option allowing them to buy and sell Bitcoin via the app. Below are the details […]