The ether may be to cross the bar of $ 350 for the first time

According to data from cointelegraph, the virtual currency created by the canadian-Russian Vitalik Buterin will cross the bar of $ 350 for the first time this month of September. A new which is sure to delight fans of the technology Blockchain Ethereum. Ether, the new darling of investors The crypto-currency created to be part of […]

The municipality of Chiasso allows citizens to pay their taxes in bitcoin

The municipality in switzerland to Chiasso has announced that it will accept tax payments in bitcoin from January 2018. This initiative allows Switzerland to position in the prospect of becoming the global leader in the industry of bitcoin and crypto-currencies. In fact, the municipality of Chiasso wants to compete with the canton of Zug as […]

Singapore, the next paradise for the ICO ?

The recent rumor concerning the prohibition of the ICO (Initial Corner Offering) and the exchange of crypto-currencies in China has left the markets in a state of uncertainty, but Singapore is poised to become the next access point of the ICO. Since the beginning of the year, China has taken an important place in the […]

The Russian ministry of Finance is drafting a law to legalize crypto-currencies

The Russian ministry of Finance is working on a law to legalize crypto-currencies, including bitcoin, that should be expected by the end of the year. The ministry of Finance and the central bank are in the process of developing proposals on the legalization of crypto-currencies in Russia. The minister of Finance proposes to treat crypto-currencies […]

The Vietnamese throng of import equipment mining

Investors vietnamese are in a hurry to import hardware for crypto-mining. As the value of bitcoin continues to grow, despite the fact that the Chinese stop to the ICO (Initial Corner Offering), domestic investors desperate to of equipment of mining. However, the legislation relating to the bitcoin and crypto-currencies in Vietnam is not clear, and […]

Buy apartments with Bitcoins is now possible in Dubai

The real estate sector has not finished to surprise us. In fact, a proponent prepares today to sell 100 luxury apartments only adjustable with the Bitcoin, the first virtual currency world. A new concept from a investisseuse scottish “The Baroness bra “, Michelle Mone for close friends is at the origin of this idea can […]

Crypto-currency : A fierce war between Ripple and R3

If, before, he was spinning the perfect love, Ripple, and R3 are today the more enemies that the world of crypto-currencies has known. The 2 start-ups are involved in a legal battle for $ 1 billion. The 2 rivals, the major players in the technology blockchain, prosecution mutual before the courts R3 launches offensive The […]

Litecoin will go out of his status as underdog this year 2017

The Litecoin is indeed the surprise of the year 2017. The crypto-currency climbed more stairs, and wants to impose itself in the world of currency is cryptographic. This currency internet peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer) has convinced more and more investors. This is due to its current which increases more and more. The LTC is now worth more […]

IBM joins a car manufacturer and a bank in a project portfolio blockchain

IBM has joined the automotive manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen and at UBS investment bank, in order to build and develop a mobile payment system based on the technology of blockchain for the automotive industry. Announced last Tuesday at the auto Show in Frankfurt, the partnership aims to develop a method enabling the unmanned vehicle to automatically […]