A crypto-currency in honor of Emmanuel Macron ?

By creating a crypto-currency asset-based on the oil reserves of Venezuela, Nicol├ís Maduro would not have dared to give his name. The president of the French Republic has a crypto-currency to its name, but unwillingly. Have you ever heard of a MACRON ? Not ? Then it is time to discover this crypto-currency rather fun […]

India can not regulate the Bitcoin

The indian authorities have made many efforts to understand the phenomenon of crypto-currencies for years. Unfortunately, they have not managed to understand it and to master it. Faced with this situation, most managers have given up and have decided not to regulate the market of Bitcoin. Some have not yet positioned about the future of […]

Twitter expects the ban on ads crypto

Twitter is preparing to ban commercials related to ICO and the crypto-currencies. The new advertising policy of Twitter is expected to enter into force in a few weeks. The social media is planning to impose a ban on advertisements related to the exchange of digital currency. This decision should also be confirmed officially. Check out […]

During the crypto-currency in real-time

During the crypto-currency in real-time Where to buy crypto-currencies? The broker eToro offers the best platform to buy crypto-currencies safely. eToro account with 6 million users, and has a single platform, ideal for beginners. Buy Bitcoin Buy Ethereum Buy Bitcoin Cash Buy Ripple Buy Dash Buy Litecoin Buy Ethereum Classic Buy Cardano Buy Stellar Buy […]

Beijing hits Bitcoin with full force !

China has taken the decision to ban the ” ICO ” (the raising of funds in crypto-currencies), which has obviously had a considerable impact in the world of virtual currency. The bitcoin, as the number 1 e-currency was the first to suffer. In fact, its price dropped 14 % between Saturday and Tuesday last. A […]