BitAfric : cryptomonnaies have the wind in their sails in Africa ?

Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Ether… all the virtual currencies that are poised to shake the world of global finance. But is that this phenomenon will he be able to reign as master in the black continent ? The BitAfric, an alternative to the CFA Franc For years, Africans do feet and hands to transform the governance […]

Mining of crypto-currencies : the japanese giant of e-commerce DMM between in the dance

The regulatory changes concerning recent legalization of bitcoin as a method of payment in Japan, combined with a surge in popularity of crypto-currencies, led the multinational e-commerce DMM announced its foray into the mining of crypto-currencies, mainly bitcoins. A farm of mining crypto-currencies on a large scale In its announcement, the DMM of Tokyo has […]

Transactions of crypto-currencies are prohibited in Namibia

Transactions of crypto-currencies are not permitted in Namibia based on an old law for a decade. Thus, the merchants of the country may not accept bitcoins, litecoins or other altcoins as payment for goods and services, has indicated the country’s Central Bank. The Central Bank of namibia says it wants to avoid money laundering In […]

How technology Blockchain will it transform the industry of e-commerce ?

One of the capabilities of technology the most promising technology Blockchain is to ensure that Web transactions more secure and more cost-effective. This innovation creates a change in vision a major in businesses and internet users. Indeed, the way in which people use social networks, financial transactions, and the legal issues online is subject to […]

Some people have lost Bitcoins Cash because address wallet bitcoin wrong

An announcement on the blog Reddit has revealed that some users of crypto-currency sent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) of the portfolios of bitcoins traditional. This caused them to lose their funds. It is Btcroubadour who posted the ad on Reddit. He said that a lot of people have committed this error. They have essentially sent their […]

Hackers take advantage of the crypto currency to enrich themselves

ESET, a technology company based in Bratislava, has detected this week a tide of JavaScript code used by hackers to undermine the crypto-currency from the user’s browser visiting sites that are not pirated. The modus operandi of the hackers The majority of web browsers automatically enabling JavaScript, the attackers only have to integrate a script […]

Switzerland and cryptomonnaies : Zug, switzerland, the paradise of investors

The Millionaires swiss have always so much of interest to bitcoins and other currencies cryptographic. While several countries are already sounding the alarm in regards to the ICOs, the Switzerland and especially the canton : Zug, became a veritable land of welcomes to the specialized companies in the virtual economy. Zug, nicknamed as ” the […]