Altmain : The company that wants to democratize the blockchain and the cryptomonnaies

Altmain : The company that wants to democratize the blockchain and the cryptomonnaies The market of the blockchain and cryptomonnaies has seen in recent months, getting many new players. Motivated by greed or the future of the revolution proposed by the technology Blockchain they are much to enter the market at risk without their prior […]

Payments in Bitcoin are growing more and more in the baltic countries

The crypto-currencies are gaining in popularity in the baltic countries. They are composed of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In these countries, no regulation on crypto-currencies has not yet been adopted. Companies operating in various sectors, including real estate, e-commerce, hospitality industry and health care, benefit payments, cryptographic. In addition, some companies already offer their services […]

The attorney general of the city of New York survey on the exchange platforms

The city of New York recently launched a series of thirteen investigations aimed directly exchange platforms for crypto-currencies. The objective is to verify the transparency of transactions and to ensure the safety of internet users who participate in this adventure, which makes controversy. A large-scale survey The attorney general of the city of New York, […]

Amazon Web Services is launching a service to create its own BlockChain

Amazon Web Services, also known under the abbreviation AWS is a part of the american group entirely dedicated to cloud computing services for individuals and businesses. However, the spokesman has just announced the official launch of a template that allows customers to create a BlockChain very quickly. Deploy networks BlockChain Amazon Web Services offers its […]

The debate rages in India on the prohibition of crypto-currencies

India is currently working on a draft law to regulate the digital currency. The indian authorities have strong views concerning the ban on crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin. The ministry of Finance, the central bank of India, department of income tax and the special investigation team have expressed their opinions on this bill. Below is a video […]

Coinbase suspend the account of WikiLeaks

The exchange platform Coinbase has taken an important decision, prohibiting them from offering their services to the famous NGO WikiLeaks. A decision that has significant impacts at the international level and that the NGOS consider to be particularly unfair. A letter strategic The platform for exchange of california, Coinbase has decided to send a letter […]

Malta wants to become the world capital of crypto-currency

Many european countries have decided to regulate more strictly the crypto-currencies. This is not the case of the State of Malta, which aims to become the capital of technology BlockChain in the world. The future of the crypto-currency Malta is already famous for being a small tax haven. However, the country does not count to […]

20 % of the financial institutions could start trading crypto-currency in 2018

The market of crypto-currencies could attract traditional investors this year. In fact, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters, approximately 20 % of the financial institutions could operate on this sector by 2018. Most of the companies that plan to launch transactions of digital currencies this year, which is 70 %, want to do it […]

For the former CEO of PayPal, the Bitcoin is a huge scam

Bill Harris, the former CEO of PayPal, believes that the Bitcoin is a huge scam that has no future. It is in effect out of silence to remember the fact that the speculative nature of these digital assets is not conferred on them in reality absolutely no value. Back on these comments that are causing […]