The USPTO approves the patent of exchanges of crypto-currencies, Bank of America

During this week, the BOA (Bank of America), the second-largest U.s. bank, has been granted a patent allowing the exchange of digital currency. The bank’s customers can use this technology in various banking transactions. Three types of accounts are offered to individuals and businesses to exchange instantly to the virtual currency. Below, you can find […]

A Bulgarian university offers a scholarship in Bitcoin

We recently learned that the management University of Varna (VUM) in Bulgaria will be part of the restricted list of higher education institutions to provide a scholarship in Bitcoin. A scholarship of a value of 1000 euros In 2018, ten software engineering students will receive scholarships in Bitcoin, with a value of 1000 euro per […]

The israeli Prime minister is aware of the potential of Bitcoin

With the soaring value of Bitcoin this year and the craze that there has been around this crypto-currency, it is surprising that all the leaders of the world have not yet spoken about the topic. In some countries, such as South Korea, Russia, or China, subject, however, is not taken lightly. Recently, the israeli Prime […]

The indian department of income tax using the transaction of Bitcoin to collect data

The indian department of taxes has visited many platforms, exchange of crypto-currencies through the country to check the activities of the users. This large-scale operation was conducted in the framework of an investigation on suspicions of tax evasion of some users. Bleepstatic The fight against money laundering This government agency has visited nine centers of […]

A candidate for the Russian presidential election wants to legalize Bitcoin

Boris Titov, a Russian businessman and a defender of Bitcoins, has recently revealed that it would participate in the presidential election of 2018. Titov, the leader of a political party, said he would legalize the crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The russians would be able to keep them in the banks, he added. As […]

The largest markets in south korea of Bitcoins require the application of a strict regulation

Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit are ready to undergo a stricter regulatory framework on the part of the government and the financial authorities of South Korea. Moreover, there is little time, the financial services Commission (FSC) of South Korea has announced the content of this legislation. Protect investors and fight against money laundering The south […]