The town of Hull, launches its own crypto-currency

Spotted by our editor-in-chief, Marc de Zordo, community workers and volunteers will soon be able to get discounts in local retailers and even reductions in their municipal taxes, through a technology that enhances the value of the tasks in a socially useful manner. The project, which was launched at Hull, a port city in the […]

How to calculate the transaction costs of Bitcoin when it is pressed ?

Calculate the costs of transaction, it is like riding a bike or rolling a cigarette. It is simple when one knows how to take it, but extremely complex otherwise. The improvements of the UX in recent years have made the Bitcoin easier than ever to send and receive, but the calculation of costs is always […]

The north Korean citizens are studying crypto-currencies at the university of Pyongyang

The commitment of north korea with the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general seems to be in constant growth. Today, academics are now able to access courses on the crypto-currency in the hermit Kingdom. Numerama North Korea is fascinated by crypto-currencies The university of Pyongyang, who is seen as the place of reproduction of the hackers […]

The government of Bermuda launched a working group on the crypto-currencies

The Bermuda government has launched a working group focused on the Blockchain to promote the trade of crypto-currencies in the overseas territory of the uk. During a press conference organized by the Prime minister of the island, David Burt, and the minister of national Security, Wayne Caines, the new working group has been established to […]

The financial institutions russians remain divided on the crypto-currencies

Several Russian analysts have made comments about the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in recent weeks. German Gref, head of Sberbank, said that the crypto-currency became a part of the daily life of the Russians, while Riccardo Orcel, head of VTB International, said that the interest of Russians to the Bitcoin, has been overstated by the media. […]

The energy consumption of Bitcoin is very important

A new study shows that the energy required for the mining of Bitcoin this year has exceeded the average of the electricity consumed each year by 159 countries. The high consumption of electricity in the mining of crypto-currency poses a problem that must be solved. The rise of the energy consumption of the Bitcoin The […]

The price of Bitcoin reached a new historic peak, and is approaching $ 10,000

Yesterday, the price of Bitcion has further increased to reach a new record high of 9 060$. The value of this digital currency is closer to 10 000$. Earlier this year, investors and financial analysts, highly respected, whose Max Keizer to RT, and Mike Novogratz, an investor renowned, have predicted that the value of Bitcoin […]