Arizona on the point of accepting the payment of taxes in crypto-currency

Arizona wants to take part in the adventure of the crypto-currency, becoming the first u.s. State to offer its citizens the opportunity to pay your taxes in Bitcoin. A draft law was adopted Thursday by the Senate of Arizona. A draft law ambitious The bill SB1091 plans to allow taxpayers residing in Arizona to be […]

Dan Morehead : institutional investors are not convinced by the potential of Bitcoin

The CEO and founder of Pantera Capital Dan Morehead, recently told the media that the Bitcoin was under-owned by institutional investors despite a strong demand for the crypto-currency. Mr. Morehead has also predicted that the price of Bitcoin would increase in the coming weeks. Below are the details of the announcement of Dan Morehead : […]

The city of Berkeley, California, plans to launch an ICO

The city famous for its radicalism in the 1960s, Berkeley, California, is again at the centre of discussions. Silent for a few years, the arrival of Donald Trump has awakened the spirits, while a part of the city is contesting the politics of the new american president. A tool of resistance to the study is […]

A school of australia is holding an information session on crypto-currencies

The growing popularity of Bitcoin among young people has prompted a secondary school in australia to hold an information session designed to educate participants on the digital currency. The St Laurence”s College in Brisbane has recently informed the parents of the students wish to organize an educational presentation to highlight the development of crypto-currencies. The […]

Price increases were recorded for major crypto-currencies

Monday morning, an increase of 8 % has been noticed at the level of the price of Bitcoin. For Ethereum, an increase of approximately 6 % has been recorded. The value of the Ripple has jumped more than a dollar for the first time in over a fortnight. The market capitalization of crypto-currencies is now […]

A candidate in the Missouri senate accepts contributions in crypto-currencies

This week, the Senate candidate, republican Austin Petersen announced that he was going to accept crypto-currencies for the financing of his electoral campaign. Petersen has received a total of 24 donations in crypto-currencies this year, and the most important has been 0,284 BTC, which is equivalent to 4 500 dollars. A collection of crypto-currencies The […]

Jay-Z is expanding his portfolio to include crypto-currencies

Nas and Snoop Dogg have supported the commercial application Robinhood, and now the legendary rap star Jay-Z has used a subsidiary, called Arrives, to invest in this solution. This application is already valued at over a billion dollars, approaching $ 1.5 billion on this day. Below is a video giving more details about this case […]