GMO Internet develops chips mining of 12 nm

GMO Internet, a leading manufacturer of technology products, japanese and recently entered into the industry of mining equipment, announced that it has designed a chip of semi-conductive FET 12 nanometers. The company describes the innovation as an important step towards the realization of a technology to mine more efficient. A chip is much more powerful […]

More than half of Russians now know the Bitcoin

A new survey has revealed that more than half of Russians know the Bitcoin. Young people living in large cities are much more concerned with this technology. Three-quarters of Muscovites feel informed about the largest crypto-currency in the world. On social media, the Bitcoin is the term that is most popular. The government’s strategy seems […]

Business of crypto-currencies in south korea, share their data with the banks

The south Korean authorities have announced that six major banking institutions would be willing to offer their services to companies that trade in digital currencies this month. The government of the country is still searching for a solution to enable the sharing of data. Source : Pixabay. Stop the emission of virtual accounts related to […]

A regulator u.s. has three firms of crypto-currencies for fraud

The CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) filed complaints against three companies for having participated in fraudulent activities involving digital currencies. These prosecutions relate to fraud and misuse of bitcoins as well as litecoins. Below are some details regarding this case : Business of crypto-currencies being pursued by the CFTC The CFTC in the United States […]

Money laundering of illicit funds : less than 1 % of the transactions of Bitcoins

The Centre sanctions the illegal funding of the Foundation for the defense of democracy, in collaboration with the analysis company Elliptic, has published a study designed to track the movement of illicit funds into the economy of Bitcoin from 2013 to 2016. The research has concluded that funds of illicit origin represent less than 1 […]

The bank of north-european Nordea confirms the ban of Bitcoin

Two weeks ago, one of the largest european banks, Nordea, has enacted a policy at the school level to prohibit its employees from possessing or negotiate crypto-currencies. The bank said the risks associated with this solution. It has thus decided to act in a preventive manner. Following the announcement of Nordea regarding their intention to […]

Coinbase has a turnover of $ 2.7 million per day

A company exchanges of crypto-currencies important requires an investment significantly, especially in logistics. But, the effort is well worth it. This week, a press release has been distributed by the company to its shareholders. That included the sales generated by Coinbase in the year 2017. Thus, the group recorded a turnover of nearly $ 1 […]

Investments in crypto-currencies in Russia have reached $ 200 million in 2017

Investments in crypto-currencies in the start-up russians have increased 10-fold in 2017, when contractors have developed more than 100 projects cryptographic. However, the workers computers remain cautious. Only 8 % of them would like to see their wages partially paid in digital currency. Nevertheless, the Russians are optimistic about the Bitcoin, and most predict that […]

HYCM is launching a CFD contract for the Bitcoin Cash

HYCM, the group Henyep Capital Markets, has announced the launch of a CFD contract for the Bitcoin Cash paired with the us dollar. The introduction of the negotiation BCH/USD bears to five the total number of pairings in crypto-currencies offered by the broker to be based in Hong Kong. The company trade has also integrated […]