Australian investors are increasingly interested in the ICO

The media hype surrounding the potential profit associated with the ICO continues to attract australian investors. If the risks of loss are just as important as the gains, many Australians seem to be seduced by this type of investment participatory. Several cases of fraud have occurred recently with regard to the ICO. They have a […]

Two Russian regions to engage in the mining

The governors of two Russian regions have shown to be ready to accommodate large facilities, mining of crypto-currencies. Kaliningrad and Leningrad are indeed ready to receive the miners and want to be involved in the operation of Bitcoin. The local authorities have expressed their intention to develop in this sector. They are now pressure on […]

Puzzle games Bitcoin are gaining in popularity

In many ways, Bitcoin is the puzzle ultimate. Many people have spent hours trying to find the creator of the largest crypto-currency in the world. The miners have also spent fortunes to try to solve the problems related to each block and claim the reward of 12.5 BTC. It seems logical, therefore, that a new […]

The tax authority israeli : the Bitcoin is a property, not a currency

The tax administration of israel published a circular on February 19, clarifying the fiscal policy of the country on the crypto-currencies, and particularly on the Bitcoin. Currently, the Bitcoin and other digital currencies are at the centre of discussions to put in place tax systems covering the financial technology. The different actors are being discussed […]

Cryptos : the CFTC will provide awards to those who will denounce the pump and dump

The market of crypto-currencies is still nascent. Which means that it still eludes greatly to the control of the regulators. But this atmosphere of Wild West-that weighs on the exchange platforms for crypto-currencies will not last. On 15 February, the CFTC has proposed a system of reward to those who will denounce the famous pump […]

Picolo Research : reports free to choose your ICO

The world of ICO is exciting. But given the growing number of Initial Corner Offerings and scams pure and simple who are regularly in the news for this sector, how to choose the new crypto-currency in which to invest ? To seriously analyze a project from all angles (market, team, strength of the concept, the […]

Moscow is using Ethereum to improve the transparency of the electronic voting

A few days ago, I was trying the exercise almost impossible to compile a list of possible applications of the chain blocks, the concrete problems that the registers are distributed can be set while generating new economic sectors, to create growth. Among the examples provided, there was the electronic voting. This new grave so to […]

According to Mark Carney, Bitcoin is a failure

The governor of the bank of England Mark Carney came out of the silence, claiming that Bitcoin was a resounding failure. According to him, this is not a currency, and it never will be. Return on these claims, which are obviously a lot of noise from the advocates of the crypto-currency. A dismal failure Mark […]