Here is a great way to spend crypto-currencies

The market of crypto-currency is volatile, evolving at the whim of interventions institutional and media coverage. Over the days, some States or companies say that they are favourable to crypto-currencies, while others are clearly hostile. But this new technology money is always good. Not only its investors are still in the game, but many holders […]

The TMX group is launching a broker platform of crypto-currencies

The TMX group, operator of the Toronto stock exchange, has announced the launch of a brokerage platform of crypto-currencies. The service will be managed by the group’s subsidiary, Shorcan Digital Currency Network. It will focus on the Bitcoin and Ethereum. The project will be implemented in partnership with the start-up local Paycase Financial Corp. If […]

American students use their loan university to invest in crypto-currencies

The enthusiasm for crypto-currencies is incredible in the United States. Then we learned that 8 % of Americans had already invested in virtual currencies, today we discover that 20 % of students would have entered into a loan university for the sole purpose of buying Bitcoins. Back on this phenomenon particularly worrying. A student loan […]

Yahoo ! could start an exchange platform in 2019

We learn today that Yahoo ! could launch themselves in the adventure of the crypto-currency launching soon a platform for exchange. This is its japanese subsidiary which is concerned by this news. A thoughtful decision The journal of japanese Nikkei is out of the silence these last few days to announce a new one that […]

Belarus adopts an accounting standard for crypto-currencies

A few days before the legalization of the activities related to the digital currency, Belarus has adopted a new accounting standard which deals with the crypto-currencies. It is used to classify the virtual currency as a function of their acquisition and their use. The document defines the information that companies will be required to share […]

A new bill seeks to authorize the payment cryptography in Russia

A bill to protect the rights of users of crypto-currencies, while regulating their use for payments, has been submitted to the Russian parliament. This bill defines terms such as “digital currency” and ” digital rights “. It also allows authorities to bring crypto-currencies to tax, succession rights and compensation in the event of bankruptcy. If […]

The United Kingdom launched an official working group on the crypto-currencies

The United Kingdom calls for the establishment of a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies at the international level, but it is difficult to find an agreement for the time being. Also, in the meantime, the government is tackling this sensitive issue and is launching a new working group on the subject. A working group on the […]

Hydro-Quebec is not able to keep his promises

The energy supplier Hydro-Quebec was displayed on the front of the stage a few months ago, by appealing to the great miners of crypto-currencies. But the company goes back on its promises for a good reason. A large-scale campaign Hydro-Qu├ębec had launched a few months ago, many ads and marketing campaigns to attract the largest […]

Huawei plans to release the first mobile phone to BlockChain

Huawei would be on the verge of developing the world’s first smartphone running apps BlockChain. The third-largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world wants to take part in the adventure as quickly as possible, and to consider the release of this smartphone as early as this year. A clear objective Huawei has definitely a […]