Censorship on the ads related to crypto-currencies in China

The media based in Hong-Kong reported that the main search engines, and social networks of the country do not seem to offer paid advertising for products or companies associated to the Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The reports have indicated that the censorship of the ads went back to the declaration of the people’s Bank of China prohibiting the ICO.

Source : Pixabay. China does not allow ads related to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Of online ads banned in China

A report published by South China Morning Post, a media outlet based in Hong Kong, said that the major search engines and chinese social networks have ceased to view messages that are sponsored and paid advertising related to crypto-currencies. The report indicated that the keywords Bitcoin, crypto-currency and ICO provide results that are quite surprising and redirect the users towards content that is more informative.

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Analysts have speculated on the fact that the censorship of advertisements related to crypto-currencies could have started after the ban of the ICO by the PBOC in September 2017. On the engines the most popular search in china, Baidu and Weibo, there is a lack of sponsored content. Weibo has confirmed that it would not achieve such publicity. As for Baidu, the company has not yet made comment on this issue.

Facebook follows the China

The report was published a few days after Facebook introduced new rules prohibiting advertisements that promote the ICO or the crypto-currencies. The social network has defined these ads as being ads which discredit the new technologies sector. Facebook has said that today there are many companies doing this kind of advertising.

The community of crypto-currencies seems to have welcomed the new policy of Facebook. Many analysts see the social media as an advertising medium for fraudsters.

Source : NewsBitcoin