Central bank of indonesia : “Do not sell, do not buy and do not exchange crypto-currencies ! “

The central Bank of the Republic of Indonesia may be issued his statement, the most brutal to curb the use of digital currency. She said that she was in a position of curing compared to the market of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

If other Asian countries, such as Japan or South Korea, are seeking ways to regulate this sector, Indonesia has not wanted to follow this trend.

Bank Indonesia warns all users of crypto-currencies

The central Bank warns the public not to sell, buy or exchange the virtual currency. The spokesperson of the institution said that the crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, are not recognized as an instrument of payment legal, it is therefore prohibited to use in Indonesia. Bank Indonesia (BI) is the central Bank of the country and, as such, it has been particularly active in regards to crypto-currencies. The governor of the bank issued statements at the end of the year, which has pushed the regional media to urge users to sell their currency before the ban.

Please see below details regarding this announcement :

This measure has caused the closure of Fall, a company specialized in the trade of Bitcoin. Before these statements, the central Bank had reaffirmed its intention to prosecute all those who have recourse to these payment solutions.

The strong position of Indonesia

The governor of the central Bank, Agus Martowardojo, said that the ownership of virtual currency is very risky and full of speculation because there are no authorities responsible. There is no administrator, official, or underlying asset and the market value of this market is very volatile, he continued.

The central Bank, it will be recalled, prohibits all providers of payment services to use this technology. This has helped the decline in the price of crypto-currencies in recent days.

Source : NewsBitcoin