Christine Lagarde, wants to propose a regulatory framework that is balanced

Christine Lagarde is again made regarding the international regulation of future crypto-currencies. The director of the international monetary Fund hopes that the IMF should have a major role in the establishment of this regulatory framework.

A regulatory framework necessary

For several months, Christine Lagarde asserts that it is necessary to put in place a regulatory framework for the crypto-currencies. This is a request of many governments. The director of the IMF was published in march an article, highlighting the risks related to the use of virtual currencies.

Logo IMF / Christine Lagarde wants to find a perfect balance to regulate crypto-currencies.

But, today, she speaks of the benefits, and including the technology BlockChain, which can, according to Christine Lagarde, give a great added value to the financial sector. It evokes in particular the effectiveness, safety, timeliness, or even the cost of transactions. Many positive points that the director of the IMF wants to take into account in the implementation of the future regulation.

An important balance

Christine Lagarde suggests a direction to regulate crypto-currencies and aligns in particular on the proposals issued by various regulators throughout the world. She wants to allow crypto-currencies to grow, but it also wants to provide coaching tax strict to protect investors. It is, therefore, to find a balance to satisfy everyone !

Pixabay SulyMan / Christine Lagarde sees many advantages including the technology BlockChain.

Christine Lagarde is also back on the balance to be struck between the centralisation and decentralisation. She hopes that everyone will work together in the development of a common regulatory framework at the international level. To do this, it proposes, in particular, that the IMF is the reference to work on these measures.

Christine Lagarde agrees, therefore, clearly on the area of crypto-currencies, and takes a position in favor of a balanced regulation that would both protect investors and develop the virtual currencies. Nice program !

Source : Blogs MFIS