CME launches a simulator for the exchange of Bitcoins

The CME (Chicago Merantile Exchange) has launched a solution for the simulation market which will allow new investors to practice to negotiate contracts on Bitcoin without risking capital. The free tool has been integrated with the CME and Establishes a Result of the company.

A solution announced in December

Earlier this week, the CME group has posted on Twitter an announcement, notifying its subscribers that the company had launched its new simulator contracts. This tool will provide new investors with the opportunity to practice trading on the futures markets of Bitcoin without the risk of losing their capital. In addition, it will allow more experienced traders to try the platform and try out new trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

If you missed this announcement, here are the details :

The launch of the simulation tool market is likely to attract new investors. It will also promote the development of CME and will allow this to become a real leader on the futures markets.

CME, the second american company to engage in the exchange of Bitcoins

The integration of Bitcoin by CME, that of CBOE, which launched its futures contracts on 10 December. New markets have also been exposed to brokers, important. Users now have a solution that will facilitate their arrival on the market of Bitcoin. There is also Interactive Brokers has recently announced its intention to allow customers to negotiate quickly the futures contracts of CME in addition to CFDS Bitcoins CBOE. The company claimed to have processed more than half of the volume of transactions observed on the day of the launch of the CBOE.

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The main management companies to market DRW, DV and Trading Akuna Capital have also indicated that they would provide liquidity to futures markets for Bitcoins.

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