Coinbase aims to become a direct competitor of BitPay

While customers of Coinbase would have preferred that the company focuses on improving its basic service, the company is in the process of developing a new market. Indeed, Coinbase has launched an online payment solution to help e-merchants. Coinbase intends to set up a service that supports the four major crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Source : Pixabay. Coinbase launches out in the development of a payment service via crypto-currencies.

Launch of Coinbase Trade

Coinbase, a company that exchanges digital currency, based in San Francisco, has developed a new service which aims to simplify the management of payments for the online stores. This is going to have to go through the adoption of crypto-currencies various. Coinbase Trade facilitates the acceptance of the virtual currency, monitoring, validating and confirming transactions to customers. And the company claimed that the payments made from it by its customer are made via the technology Blockchain.

After a period of testing, Coinbase Trade has been made available to e-retailers on the day of Valentine’s day. Online shops in the world can now use the service to accept payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. This system allows merchants to accept multiple crypto-currencies. Unlike the previous tools developed by the company, it is not a hosted service, which means that traders have the real control of their digital currency.

Integration of Shopify

The developers from Coinbase to Trade have said that this service can be integrated directly in the flow of payment to a merchant or added as a payment option on an e-commerce site. With just an email address and a phone number, users can register and start accepting payments in crypto.

Source : Wikipedia. Shopify has integrated the service payment in crypto-currencies from Coinbase.

The service has already been integrated with Shopify, whose headquarters is in Canada. Coinbase has explained that other online retailers will use this technology, thus facilitating the acceptance of crypto-currencies.

Source : NewsBitcoin