Coinbase has a turnover of $ 2.7 million per day

A company exchanges of crypto-currencies important requires an investment significantly, especially in logistics. But, the effort is well worth it. This week, a press release has been distributed by the company to its shareholders. That included the sales generated by Coinbase in the year 2017. Thus, the group recorded a turnover of nearly $ 1 billion, equivalent to 2.74 million dollars per day or $ 2,000 per minute.

Coinbase, the us leader in exchange of Bitcoins

Coinbase is currently the largest dealer of Bitcoins in the United States. As such, it claims a significant share of the u.s. market. The year 2017 has been really great for the actors operating in the sector of crypto-currencies. The enterprises of trade and posted record figures last year. These income streams are transformed into a torrent which has swollen the coffers of Coinbase. Recode has revealed that the company’s revenues have reached over $ 1 billion in 2017. The trading fees charged by Coinbase are an important part of their income. They are typically in the range of 0.25% to 1 %. The users have negotiated for nearly 36 000 Bitcoins on the platform in the last 24 hours. This represents more than 15 % of the total market.

Discover below the details relating to the profits made by Coinbase :

Coinbase is not the largest stock exchange in the world and is technically a broker rather than a grant conventional, but it is the most well-known. In addition, the company occupies an important place in the industry of virtual currency.

The shares Coinbase are very popular

Coinbase only operates not only in the world of crypto-currencies. In effect, the investors also seek to acquire shares in the company. A number of investors say they have responded to requests from Coinbase for the acquisition of their shares. However, the group does everything to prevent this.

In a press release, one can read that as a private company, the group does not allow the investors to trade equities on the secondary market. This decision is related to the fact that Coinbase does not have complete information, and legal to perform such an operation.

Source : NewsBitcoin