Coinbase launches a solution for e-retailers

Coinbase has just launched a new service to allow merchants to accept the crypto-currencies as means of payment. Thus, thanks to these buttons that are easy to install directly on an e-shop, the Bitcoin and other virtual currencies can be used by users to pay for their purchases.

Easy application

Coinbase Trading is a new service. It allows merchants who have an online store to accept payments in crypto-currencies through a new API. The merchants don’t have to worry about any technical details, because the API takes care of everything. It is thus a small module that installs in the back office of the website, and generates a button that lets you pay for items with Bitcoins or virtual currencies such as Ethereum, or even the Litecoin.

Pixabay – JayDeep / With the solution, Coinbase, Commerce, internet users can pay with crypto-currencies.

It is enough for professionals to integrate the API Coinbase to Trade on the Internet site. Everything else is handled automatically. When the user has paid, the dashboard updates quickly, with the information about the payment in crypto-currency.

A quick use

The application Coinbase Trade is already proving very popular, and the first platform to attempt this adventure is none other than Spotify. Therefore, it is now possible to listen to the music by paying with digital currencies.

Pixabay – AllanLau 2000 / API installs in minutes on an e-commerce site.

It is an approach that is original and modern that proves that the crypto-currencies have certainly a bright future before it. More and more means are invented to allow for payment in digital currency, like PrestaShop which is associated a few days ago to CoinGate to enable internet users to quickly pay with crypto-currencies.

The crypto-currencies, despite a start to the year, catastrophic, continue to excite the crowds. And there are more opportunities to spend this virtual currency, especially on the Web.

Source : Block Manity