Coinflash, an application to effectively invest in crypto-currencies

If you have always wanted to invest in crypto-currencies, a new app could help you to run in such a market. Called Coinflash, the application takes the surplus of your purchases during the week and uses this cash to invest in crypto-currencies of your choice in a specific account.

Instead of hanging your money, the application calculates the different currency. It is quite possible to create one or several accounts. However, all of the accounts you open must be associated with the same bank. The entire transaction is then managed by Coinbase.

An application running on the same principle as Acorns

This solution dedicated to the different transactions of the crypto-currency works like Acorns. This application analyzes purchases and manages the entire exchange on the stock market. If the accounts you relate to, the linkage maps are used to read the transactional data through the application. Moreover, it is not possible to make purchases.

Coinflash indicates that the information is stored in its database. The duration of storage does not exceed two months. The investments can be made on a weekly or monthly basis. You should know that this tool is paid.

Coinflash, a paid application

To use the service, it is necessary to pay the sum of 1 dollar per month in Bitcoin or Ethereum, irrespective of the amount you wish to invest. This amount will be automatically deducted from your account Coinbase. If you decide to stop the use of this application, it will cease to deduct this amount even if you continue to invest and to use Coinbase.

Thus, those who want to get into the crypto-currencies will have an effective solution in order to help them to invest effectively. Moreover, with such an offer, it will be easier to realize his project and succeed in a market that is increasingly competitive.