, a site selling digital products, accepting the crypto-currencies as means of payment

A new start-up based on the crypto-currency called Coinmall has made its appearance there only a year. This platform allows users to buy digital goods with bitcoin and litecoin. The company’s founder, Yousef Abdulhassan, explained that his company is present at the international. He has stated that users can seamlessly buy and sell various digital products with crypto-currencies. The CEO of the group hopes that its technology will become the eBay of digital products.

Abdulhassan founded the company in October 2016. A year after the launch of his business, he has decided to develop the alpha version of his solution. Indeed, the interest of the users for these crypto-currencies is very growing, he added.

To order digital products and pay with crypto-currencies

The founder of the company explained that their users were able to control any type of digital products on Coinmall. There are particular articles available for download, licensing, digital services, software, etc. Currently, the online retailer accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Mrnett1974, Wkimedia Commons

In addition, he indicated that other crypto-currencies will be added soon. Coinmall think it can become a real competitor for the other companies, decentralized as Openbazaar. This solution is much more easy of access, he said.

Services much more complete

By integrating crypto-currencies, the start-up is positioned today as a pioneer in the sector. These digital currencies are currently attracting the interest of many users. The registration is free and there is no restriction on the level of the suppliers. The founder of Coinmall has said that he wants to implement a free solution for access that does not limit the users in their actions.

On the other hand, he wanted to explain that the company makes every effort to limit the risk of fraud related to the use of crypto-currencies. Coinmall also protects the user when an abnormality is present.

Source : NewsBitcoin