Coinsecure a victim of a theft of $ 3.1 million

Coinsecure is a platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies of india, based in New Delhi. However, it would seem that the scientific director has decided to walk away with a nice fortune, stealing a portion of the Bitcoins held in its wallet.

An incredible flight

The platform Coinsecure has filed a complaint against its chief scientific officer Amitabh Saxena. It must be said that the man has decided to conduct a large-scale attack by stealing the private keys in the wallet of Bitcoins of the platform. This is the equivalent to exactly $ 3.1 million. It is the largest theft of crypto-currencies in India !

Logo Coinsecure / platform indian has promised to reimburse customers.

Quickly, Coinsecure has rendered account of the flight and has decided to block all to find the man in question. Moreover, the exchange platform has asked the indian government to seize his passport so that he does not leave abroad.

General panic

The leaders of Coinsecure have been forced to quickly notify their customers of the theft, explaining that the Bitcoins had been transferred to an address outside of their control. However, they claim that there has been no piracy : “The current problem seems to be appeared after that we wanted to extract Bitcoin Gold (BTG) for distribution to our customers. It was our scientific director, dr. Amitabh Saxena, who was in charge. He said that the funds have been lost during the extraction of the private key. “

Pixabay – JayDeep / The man has stolen the equivalent of several million dollars of Bitcoins.

Coinsecure has also confirmed that this incident had been reported to the cell cybernetics, New Delhi, that investigations were underway and that specialists were working day and night to restore services and recover lost funds. The company has also promised to refund the balance of its customers.

Therefore, it is a real disaster for the platform of exchange Coinsecure which was founded in 2014 and offers a complete ecosystem around the technology BlockChain. Unfortunately, this is not the first story of the theft of Bitcoins in recent months, and it seems very complicated to recover the crypto-currencies that will disappear.

Source : E27