Cointal announces the launch of the first platform dedicated to the exchange of all crypto-currencies

The only site that you were waiting since long is finally here. Cointal has launched its platform, and it also seems promising that they said it. Now, the followers of crypto-currencies will be able to publish offers of purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin with different means of payment.

The company contended that other digital currencies will be integrated soon. Their goal is to offer the users more than a dozen of crypto-currencies. We will thus be able to exchange Monero, NEM, NEO, Dash, Bitcoin Cash… Various features will be added in the next update of the platform.

Here is a video explaining how to Cointal is revolutionizing the exchange market of crypto-currencies :

A site fully operational

The site appears to be stable, although they have already started work on their next major update. The developers of the site have worked very hard to make the navigation on their platform faster. After a few trials, you can easily get used to the interface that is very user-friendly.

Users can now have access to the offers. It is, in particular, the section “create an offer” to submit your ads, the forum of the community and their support system. It is also possible to manage all of your offers via a dashboard. In addition, users can also customize their profile.

4 crypto-currencies are currently available

A portfolio of all-in-one provided by BitGo has enabled us to offer 4 crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. The trade of crypto-currencies has just reached a whole new level. The company has honored their word by offering a variety of benefits to the first 5,000 registrants.

These will be exempted of all fees and expenses related to various transactions carried out on the site. They will receive more of the label ” Cointal Builder “. The company is still working to detect the flaws to improve the next version of its site. They will take into account all the remarks of the users.

Source : BitCoinist

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    Hello, this is a kind of Bittrex ?