wants to facilitate the monitoring of the portfolios of crypto-currency

To the extent that trade and investment through the crypto-currencies are becoming more frequent, the services portfolio of crypto-currencies, is rapidly developing. Thus, users need tools to track their portfolios. It is important for them to analyze their gains or their losses for tax purposes and archiving. In the beginning of the week, spoke with Dario Kachel, the founder of This is a follow-up service of digital assets to investors and traders.

A platform that falls to the peak following the transactions of crypto-currencies to assess the profits and losses. Information such as this one are useful for online sellers, and investors who pay taxes. The company says that it can import data from more than 40 platforms for the exchange of crypto-currencies. It also claims to be able to follow 4000 digital currencies for traders to view their performance of investment. The founder of Dario Kachel, launched his business because he, too, was difficult to assess his taxes. “After three months of work, I released the first version of” says Kachel. “Currently, we have 62 000 active users all over the world, with an average of 13 000 new registrations each month.

A platform for simplified and adapted to all types of users

The follow-up of transactions of crypto-currencies can be a real nightmare, even for a tax accountant. According to Dario Kachel, is the easiest way to manage multiple portfolios in a single place. “We store the history of prices and calculate the gains, the losses, the current values and to facilitate tax reporting for all tax authorities around the world,” says Kachel. The founder of also explains that their customer base includes users who want to track the cash value in real time, the experienced traders, the users who generate thousands of transactions for days.

Source : News.Bitcoin