Companies from other sectors entering the market of Bitcoin

It seems that public companies have found a new way to attract investors. Indeed, companies of various sectors are increasingly turning to the market of the Bitcoin, which is currently undergoing an incredible development. The value of Bitcoin is currently around 19 000 dollars.

A record that could still make progress by the end of the year, as projected in some specialists.

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The interest of israeli companies to the Bitcoin, which has pushed up their value

A third publicly traded company on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange, announced that they were going to operate on the market of Bitcoin. After this announcement, the company has seen the price of its stock to skyrocket. This occurs in spite of the repression of the regulator of israel, which prevents the companies trading the Bitcoin to influence the trading on TASE. Apollo Power, a company that specializes in solar energy technologies, said that it had carried out a test for the mining of crypto-currencies. Thus, they have exploited a small amount of Ether for a few hours thanks to solar energy. The company could increase its stock market value of 150 %.

Allan Lau , Pixabay

Another society of promotion of apps, Apply Advanced Mobile Technologies, said the launch of a new marketing solution related to Bitcoin. After the announcement, their share increased by 170 %.

Other companies launch on the market

This trend of companies of areas completely different, claiming their interest in the Bitcoin, of course, is not limited to israeli companies listed in the stock exchange. Rich’s Cigars, a company of cigars, based in Texas, announced that it would change its name to Intercontinental Technology. The company has indicated that this was done to reflect a strategic change. It has to operate in the mining of Bitcoins and other digital currencies. This decision allowed the company to enhance their value.

Source : NewsBitcoin