Credit Agricole, first French bank to test the protocol xCurrent of Ripple

Credit Agricole is the first French bank to test the services, the Ripple for six months. In effect, the bank officially announced that it wished to test the protocol. And this is not a coincidence !

Back to the Ripple

The Ripple is a crypto-currency oriented banking. It is currently the third digital currency, the most valued in the market. The objective is to propose a process for the transfer of international funds faster, with costs much lower than those offered by the present banking system.

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The revolution of the transfer seems nice and smoothly, thanks to the Ripple, which also reduces the delivery time. Crédit Agricole has decided to take part in the adventure, in associating, therefore, in american society. A new surprising, since banks are rather recalcitrant in the face of the crypto-currencies !

A firm will

In a first step, Credit Agricole and will focus on the issue of transfers of wages and salaries in swiss francs. The objective is therefore to address first of all of the 90,000 customers of the regional banks on the border with Switzerland. The goal is clearly displayed, since the bank wishes to simply reduce the processing time of the transfers. The banking group said : “customers will be able to transfer their salary in swiss francs to their French bank account in just a few minutes, compared to three days currently. “


The solution used will therefore be the protocol xCurrent of Ripple. You should know that this process offers the opportunity for a bank to make transactions quickly, with more transparency. The banking institutions that use it can communicate in real-time !

If the Credit Agricole is the first French bank to try the Ripple, it is not the first in the world since it is currently American Express, UniCredit, Standard Chatered, or RBC are in full testing phase.

Source : CoinDesk

  • Romhtk

    You are confusing the Ripple XRP and the protocol XCurrent of Ripple, which is not at all the same thing. ?

    • haplogroup I

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